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  • Noticed at the MCB, Nathalie Tuil’s hair care products are fashionable at the moment: 100% natural and made in France, they are among the magazine’s new favorite products.

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  • Vogs artistic director, Nathalie Tuil organizes hair events for the big beauty brands like lOréal, Revlon, Eugene Perma. Visionary colorist, Nathalie Tuil has been developing her hair talents for more than 20 years. Famous for her vegetable hair colors, Nathalie Tuil created a complete range of hair care products and vegetable colorants for the hair. Focus on 3 new hair care products.

  • Natural shampoo for daily use- n°6

    This shampoo rich in 100% natural active ingredients is for any type of hair: normal, dry, greasy, with dandruff. Composed with kaolin clay and rich in lemon and ginger  essential oils and natural extracts of camomile,  it is an olfactory bouquet smelling of nature as its finest. We love it! Since the first application, the hair is more flexible, lighter and shinier.

    200ml - 19,95 €

  • Natural clay mask n°6

    This new season, we talk a lot about clay in cosmetics. What are its virtues in terms of hair? Perfect to clean the hair in depth, the clay is a natural soil very rich in trace-elements and mineral salts.
    Composed of magnesium, potassium and iron, it remineralizes the scalp, repairs it and purifies it for an incomparable shine. Endowed with an absorbing power which enables to eliminate the impurities, it is adapted to any kind of hair.
    Its action? The hair is strong, balanced and shiny again. This clay mask, very rich in trace-elements and mineral salts also contains lemon and ginger essential oils in order to make your hair strong and shiny again. Note: It will also help you to prepare your hair before the application of a vegetable hair color. 50ml-49,50 €.


    Natural nourishing hair product n°5

    A cocktail high in vitamins and essential oil of ylang ylang and lemon, grape seed oil, jojoba and coco oil to ensure optimal hydration. My dry hair needs it! That was a success for this aptly named nourishing hair care product! After 10 minutes waiting, my hair is soft again..
    200 ml - 28,75 €

  • Point of sale : Salon Nathalie Tuil
    2, place du Général Leclerc 94160 Saint-Mandé


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