• New setting for the House Gérard Laurent
  • New setting for the House Gérard Laurent

  • The House Gérard Laurent, prestigious hairdressing salon, very trendy for men and women, changes its look. After one week’s work, the salon has now a new face. Gérard Kuchno and Laurent Delafoy, the two new Ambassadors l’Oréal Professionnel, reveal their renovation and tells us about Nadia Bouchikhi, certified hairdresser who joined the team.

    Daphné Malan

  • New setting for the House Gérard Laurent
  • Livecoiffure :Your prestigious salon has been renovated, can this be explained by your latest changes in titles as hairdressers Ambassadors for l’Oréal Professionnels ?
    The House Gérard Laurent :
    It is obvious that our new artistic direction and our arrival within the House l’Oréal Professionnel made us change the decoration to enter in a more atypical universe.

    Livecoiffure : What are the key metamorphosis of your space ?
    The House Gérard Laurent :
    We had to keep the character of the mansion but adding a bit of modernity in harmony with our profession. We then chose an ambience around wood, glass and light with new technologies as a wall of images, a specific sound atmosphere, highlighting of the design armchairs Le Corbusier to create the dynamics and the identity of our hairdressing house !


  • Livecoiffure : Your team is composed of male hairdressers and female technicians, ¿ how do you explain the integration of Nadia Bouchikhi, new collaborator which will join your male team ?

    The House Gérard Laurent :
    The house Gérard Laurent - Knows how to be surrounded by people who will add their know-how and contribute to develop the artistic image of the salon. We wanted to add some women in our cutting sector, which explains the arrival of Nadia, who participated to many photos shootings as a model so we can have a new ambience in the heart of our house but we are still recruiting ?


    Livecoiffure : Does each hairdresser of the House Gérard Laurent has his/her specialty ?
    The House Gérard Laurent :
    We are all more or less polyvalent, it is true that the guys and Nadia are more specialized in cutting, Julien Brack is a men’s haircut specialist


    Livecoiffure : ¿ Do you have new future professional projects ?
    The House Gérard Laurent :
    Our collaboration with l’Oréal Professionnel makes us think about new artistic projects. A magazine was especially designed and dedicated to color and haircut tendencies, you will find also fashion pages and current events of the team. The training remains a source of projects for the House Gérard Laurent and the creation of artistic shows more and more prestigious but for that you will have to wait and see our website where you can find all the info !

  • Nadia Bouchikhi : I am very proud to join the team of the House Gerard Laurent. As I told you during our last interview, Gérard Kuchno and Laurent Delafoy are my mentors since my first steps in hairdressing. I am still not realizing I can observe them and learn with them. Furthermore, the new setting of that salon would make dream every hairdresser and client. The complete team is fantastic and received me with extreme kindness. I thank them all.
  • New setting for the House Gérard Laurent
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