• Not everybody can be a barber !
  • Not everybody can be a barber !

  • When you think about barber, you generally think about a hairdresser-barber who offers sometimes in their services the cut of the beard, mustache...However there are places specialized in the beard ! The real barber has unique real skills combining tradition and modernity. You can find more information in this article for you gentlemen, because we want to know everything about the subject !

    Sara Svati

  • Not everybody can be a barber !
  • The barbers origins :

    The term barber goes back very far : it referred to the time with three different professions : The barber was the one who had the right to run a shop to shave men and had to show this inscription on their sign “ Céans on fait le poil proprement et l’on tient bains et étuves”. The one we consider currently as a barber. There was also the barber-hairdresser, who practiced their know-how only on the princes, they were the ancestors of the hairdresser today. He was for example in charge of Louis XIV’s wigs.

  • Regarding the barber-surgeon, he was in charge of taking care of the furuncles, bumps and blackleg and also in charge of the abscesses and the bleedings… the profession has then changed a lot fortunately ! They were the only ones having blades and knew how to use them correctly, they were the doctors of the little people.

  • Between tradition and modernity :

    Being a barber today means using techniques from a traditional know-how which goes back centuries. 
    Nowadays the profession barber or hairdresser/barber breathes again thanks to the current tendencies which make of the facial hair an asset even a fashion accessory for some men like the Hipsters with long hair for example.
    The famous « three days beard » is the result of a lot of work to have nice hairs but still man hairs. Nowadays, we recognize a real barber thanks to their sign where you can see outside a white and red wire bound post.

    What men want :

    “When I go to my barber, I like to sit comfortably in a Zen ambiance with a person who knows very well his/her job ! You need to get along perfectly with your barber !” Indeed...
    According to a study, 80% of men prefer going to a Barber Shop than a hairdresser/barber. That way, they don’t feel to be taken in charge like « chain » and trust more a barber specialized in ancestral techniques and having more specialized material.

  • Not everybody can be a barber !
  • The indispensable material that a barber must have :

    The shaving brush, the straight razor, the soap, the warm towel even face care products… all these tools are important for the services of the real barber. Depending of how the beard is sculpted, a razor, clippers or even wax can be used.

    And care products for Monsieur?

    Why not ? After all, men like ALSO taking care of themselves...  So when your barber offers you care products for the face, ex foliating products and other relaxing massages, don’t be surprised ! And don't think that your virility is touched, not at all, a man taking care of himself, we love it ! Each service at a barber shop includes the application of relaxing care products designed for your well being like a warm towel, a massage after shaving, and products adapted to your mustache or your beard and your skin.

    Beneficial effects :

    Apart from reducing the signs of age and protecting from the cold, the wind and the sun, wearing the beard enables also to reduce the risks of being sick and having bacterial infections. So gentlemen, let's have a beard and take care of it !

  • Not everybody can be a barber !

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