• Objective: beautiful and for the celebrations! Festive hairstyle for men

  • Admit it, men like taking care of themselves, just as much as women do. If your lover hasn't found THE perfect gift yet for the end of year celebrations, we’re sure that a hairstyle and a beard cut will make him happy for 2017!

    Daphné Malan

  • This year has been very good for our friends barbers and this enhanced also the work of the real professional hairdressers. No panic, no need to be a real Hipster to be handsome nd sexy, everybody has their own style, their own desires…

    Livecoiffure selected for you many different haircuts according to the trends 2016. If you are looking for a sculpted or a destructured, retro or provocative, elegant haircut, there is something for every taste, thanks to the photos of famous professional hairdressers like Aurélien Bru, Erwann Palumbo, Cyrill Hohl, Fabrice Cornillon, Antony Galifot, Guillaume Fort, Stéphane Vernière, Audrey FleurJean-Claude Biguine

    Don’t forget that a real male hairdresser will better advice you. Like women hairstyles, the shape of the face and the structure of the hair will determine the most adapted men hairstyle to highlight the features of your face. But be careful, you must be well advised since the beginning, an undercut haircut may not suit a square face…

  • So gentlemen, would you like to be handsome by the end of the year? Check out our selection of men hairstyles, available now.


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