• On holiday with Murielle Kabile!

  • Murielle Kabile deforms and transforms the hair to obtain an artistic creation. Passionate about fashion and founder of the AKM Design Evolution, Murielle Kabile was also the official hairdresser of the Black Fashion Week 2014 and the Pulp Fashion Week 2015. We asked her wise advice to take care of our hair this summer.

    Sara Svati

  • Livecoiffure : What indispensable hair care product should I apply on my afro hair to protect it from the salt, the chlorine and the sun?

    Murielle Kabile : I recommend a simple and effective technique for the afro hair: apply a mask/treatment without rinsing on the hair before going into the water. It plays the role of a protective film and it works!

    Livecoiffure : What hairstyles would you recommend to keep defined curls?

    Murielle Kabile : I would recommend to leave your hair dry naturally without being tied up. Remember to not brush your hair when it is dry! You can do buns, flat twists but don't do it too many times or leave it too much time.


    Livecoiffure : Which accessory would you add in the hair for a beach hairstyle?

    Murielle Kabile : You can wear a beautiful flower headband. It is very trendy at the moment or a nice headscarf. Also you can wear a hat which protects the hair.

  • Livecoiffure : According to you, is the hair oil obligatory for the summer holiday period?


    Murielle Kabile : The hair oil is indispensable for any type of hair after having been in contact with sea salt and/or chlorine. I strongly advice against applying a fatty oil on the hair when it is in contact with the sun, you would have a “frying” effect. Result: Dry hair, modified hair color… However, a good dry oil can be applied on the hair. I recommend brands like Nuxe or even Caudalie...

    Livecoiffure : If I tell you holiday, you think about....?

    Murielle Kabile : Protection! Protection! Protection! Protection before, during and after the exposure! It is recommended to go to the hairdresser after the holiday period. The professionals will know what hair care product to apply on your hair.

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    Projet Futuristic Hair Murielle Kabile
    Designer Hair Couture : Murielle Kabile

    .A D: AKM Design Evolution & Audran Sarzier
    Make-Up Sandra Makeup Artist
    Photographer : Audran Sarzier
    Models : Sheila Shanel & Jasie pro


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