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  • This summer, Livecoiffure decides to go on holiday with Nadia Bouchikhi, young hairdresser from Saint-Avold in Lorraine, muse of the photographer Daniel Pister and of the brand Joaillerie Loraina. 

    Daphné Malan


    Livecoiffure: What easy and effective hairstyle would you recommend for Beach Party evening?

    Nadia Bouchikhi: A Beach Party evening, it is hot, it is sunny, this is summer! On short hair, I recommend a wet effect with STYLIXIR by SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL to obtain a natural and elegant look. You just need to apply it on wet hair, to leave it dry naturally and then you can style it with your hands.

    On long hair, the Bohemian style is the trend of this summer. The braids are back. With curly or straight hair, you can do whatever you want. For a wild look, Texture Maker by SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL will help you doing your hairstyle.

  • Livecoiffure: Do you recommend any indispensable hair product?

    Nadia Bouchikhi: The indispensable product after a beach day or after the swimming pool is a very good shampoo. I recommend the range SOLARIS Hair et Body Shampoo by WELLA SP PROFESSIONAL. It is gonna hydrate your hair and remove the residues of sun cream, salt and chlorine. In addition, it helps to detangle so the hair is light and shiny. It is a complete product that you can’t forget before going on holiday !


    Livecoiffure: Which sun product do you recommend to protect your hair during summer?

    Nadia Bouchikhi: UV rays attack your skin but also your hair. An adapted protection is necessary. I use SOLARIS Helio Spray by WELLA SP PROFESSIONAL. It is water resistant. Apply some on the hair before and during exposure to the sun and Bob's your uncle!

  • Livecoiffure: Which electronic product do you recommend to take with you on holiday?

    Nadia Bouchikhi: You love being on holiday…so does your hair. There are many possibilities of hairstyles so you don’t need to use an electrical device during your holiday. Your hair must also rest.
    For the most coquette ones, you can bring a small hairdryer or a small hair straightener GHD.

    Livecoiffure: What does the holiday mean to you?

    Nadia Bouchikhi: We all have a busy life so the holiday represents an annual summer break. For me, it means freedom, sharing and treats.

    Livecoiffure: Do you have any project for September?

    Nadia Bouchikhi: Indeed. After having worked for big hairdressing houses for 10 years, on many fashion shootings and hairdressing collections, I am currently working on a very conceptual project of salon.
    But I can’t tell you everything yet. In September, you will discover my first photo collection. I can’ wait. I wish the whole team of LIVECOIFFURE and the readers a nice summer holiday.

  •  ©Photos Daniel Pister for the Jeweller's LORAINA
    Creator Isabelle Durmeyer
    Model Nadia Bouchikhi


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