• Orofluido Asia , the beauty ritual Zen by Revlon
  • Orofluido Asia , the beauty ritual Zen by Revlon

  • Between the snow and the rain, the winter weakens our body, like our hair. Rough and damaged by the rain and also by the hair straightener, it is high time to reshape and revitalize your hair. The new anti-frizz collection Orofluido by Revlon is made for you ! We tested three glamour and useful anti-frizz hair cares.   Focus

    Inspired by the philosophy Zen, the beauty ritual Orofluido AsiaTM invites to harmony and balance between the soul and the body via simplicity, discipline and control.

    An holistic beauty ritual to do at home, combining three key elements of the Japanese tradition : Aesthetics, feeling and well-being. These three jewels are inspired by the spirituality and the respect of the traditions, deeply rooted in these regions.


    After that very fashion concept, the packaging of each flask is also very attractive. In its red flask under a metallic box, it is very different from most of the very “clinical” hair cares with immaculate tones.

    A bit of energy in the bathroom will do you good in your bathroom ! We also like the very professional instructions.

  • I test first, the shampoo zen. Its formula rich in pro vitamin B5 with hydrating properties, bamboo extracts and anti-frizz nourishing rice oil, reveals a pearly texture which smells  really good !
    A captivating perfume which envelops your hair with camellia flowers, red berries, mandarin, sweet caramel, amber and sandalwood. Apart from that delicious nectar, we feel instantaneously a fluidity at the level of the hair which is less rough after rinsing. 200ml - recommended sale price : 12.30 €

    Plus ? : A perfume which remains in the hair after the blow dry !

  • Orofluido Asia , the beauty ritual Zen by Revlon
  • Orofluido Asia , the beauty ritual Zen by Revlon
  • After the shampoo, I apply the conditioner Zen Control. I am often disappointed by conditioners because the result is rather approximative compared to professional hair cares much more expensive. Designed for a frequent use, we like its cosmetics pump bottle which enables to control the quantity of product to be applied.
    With a very compact texture, its perfume is even more intense than the shampoo.
    I love it ! Containing hydrating and repairing active elements, my long hair is detangled very fast with any difficulty. When drying, my hair is soft, smooth, flexible with less frizz. Finally a hair care which keep its promises ! 200ml - recommended sale price :  12.30 €

     Plus ? :  A small price for a professional efficient hair care

  • Before going out, I apply the elixir Zen Control in order to control the frizz especially when it's raining ! Provided with anti-humidity protective film, my hair should like it !

    After a few pschitt, it is light and shinier.

    50ml/25 ml - recommended sale price : 18,80 €/10,10 €

    Plus ? A hair care without rinsing, perfect for the active ones in a hurry with unruly hair !

  • Orofluido Asia , the beauty ritual Zen by Revlon
  • Orofluido Asia , the beauty ritual Zen by Revlon


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