• Our favorite celebration hairstyles for men
  • Our favorite celebration hairstyles for men

  • A man who has a nice hair and who takes care of him, it’s very sexy. The one who makes an effort to be elegant for celebrations, it’s great. Follow the ideas of this top men hairstyles to adopt immediately.

    Sara Svati

  • The asymmetrical hipster

    The asymmetrical haircut is typical of the hipster. The hair is very short on a side and long on the other side or on the top of the head. The long part is brought on a side. A hipster is not a real hipster without a big beard. To have style during the celebrations, the hipsters can have fun curling their hair and to fix it with an adapted spray, even trying the tendency “glitter roots”( link article hair tatoo and glitter roots).

    For the men with straight hair, you can bring your hair at the back with a fine comb and wet it. For those who want to have fun and add a touch of fun in their beard, let you seduce by the decorated beards(link article beards).

    Photo: Angel Studio

  • Our favorite celebration hairstyles for men
  • Our favorite celebration hairstyles for men
  • The quiff

    So to feel good, nothing better than the quiff ! A haircut a bit too retro ? You have to believe that the haircut of Bruno Mars gave him a sufficient quantity of vitamins for his “Uptown Funk”.
    To create a quiff, Gentlemen, nothing easier : After your shower- on wet hair- apply a volume foam on the fringe then dry it with a hair drier. Stretch your lengths at the back. Raise your strands one by one and backcomb them with a fine-tooth comb.
    To smooth your quiff, make it shine and fix it, spread styling wax. If you prefer the wet look effect, choose the gel. Style the rest of your hair with your comb. Use a fixing spray to fix everything.

    Hair  : Cyrill Hohl

  • The «Mc Squeeb »

    The hairdresser Sam Buffa in Manhattan gave this name to this hairstyle. This hairstyle was very popular in the thirties, it is characterized by very short hair on the sides and long at the top of the head, very slicked hair. Today, this haircut is one of the most popular among men.
    Fan of this haircut, Hedi Slimane, famous creator at Yves Saint-Laurent. For this hairstyle, use wax already heated in your hand before then work a few strands to give movement.

    Hair:  Paul Gehring for Alcina
    ©Carlo Ballocchi

  • Our favorite celebration hairstyles for men
  • Our favorite celebration hairstyles for men
  • The wet look strand :

    The “wet effect” side gives a lot of freshness but also elegance. When the hair is shiny, this releases an obvious purity and a refinement.
    Associated to a beautiful shirt or a costume, nothing better to be the most attractive one during the celebrations. Make a perfect straight parting on the side you want and comb your wet hair at the back or work your strand with your hands...
    With wax or gel or oil-you have many choices- to make this hairstyle.

    Hair: Cyrill Hohl
    ©Yves Kortum

  • the raised bun

    There are several types of buns but we will choose the bun at the top of the head. You can choose a classical bun, by smoothing your hair and fixing it with a hair tie.
    Like Laure Gabillet, you can create a more worked bun, you just need to find small hands capable of braiding or twisting your hair on the front to add this small additional effect. And why not adding a leather shoelace around the bun?

    Hair : Laure Gabillet
    ©Stéphane Pironon

  • Our favorite celebration hairstyles for men


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