• Pierre Ginsburg : 20 years old and a fashion lover, hairdressing is his specialty !
  • Pierre Ginsburg : 20 years old and a fashion lover, hairdressing is his specialty !

  • Pierre Ginsburg is young and has just started his hairdressing career. However, with many awards, this young man is already famous in his field. Starry-eyed, he tells us about his desire to work in the fashion world. Interview of that lover.  

    Sara Svati

  • Livecoiffure : Why did you choose to be a hairdresser ?

    Pierre Ginsburg : Hairdressing has always been my passion ! I am a fashion lover, these two professions are related. They remain both on the appearance, one the hair, the other the clothes, I love everything about beauty.
    You must follow the current fashion to be updated and must respect the client's desires. I am working in the hairdressing salon to learn and to improve myself, for the moment I am ok with that. Hairdressing is for me a step to get better when I do shootings for examples but I would like to enter in the fashion world in the future. I had a classic school curriculum from 2009 to 2011, hairdressing Cap at the college Hélène Boucher in Toulouse where I learnt the bases of the profession. In parallel, I received the second award category chignon CAP at the contest HairMaster Métamorphose.  From July 2011 to July 2013, I worked for my Brevet Professionnel (professional diploma) in apprenticeship at the salon Color’inne Coiffure in Auch (Gers)). I was able to use my new skills.  


  • Pierre Ginsburg : 20 years old and a fashion lover, hairdressing is his specialty !
  • Livecoiffure : This year, you received the prize category Young Inspiration at the Hairdressing Awards special 10 years, where did your inspiration come from for that collection ?

    Pierre Ginsburg : I wanted to create something original with 4 women with a different look. A commercial and avant-garde mixture, a mix between contemporaneous and classical beauty. I was inspired by fashion especially by the creator Gareth Pugh that I love. For Autumn-Winter 2014/2015, we saw during the shows a lot of clothes with metallic, white colors  basic but colored hair. I thought about something complex at the level of the shapes, the hairstyles, the colors, the series tells the story of 4 women going to Mars.

    I regularly do shootings so I don’t get worked up with doing a specific shooting for a specific contest. I have fun with this shootings twice or three times a year, I do that because it is a passion and I can create, not because I want to win something or to participate to contests. My passion is what it is behind that : Creating, innovating…

  • Livecoiffure : You received many awards, what are you motivations today ?

    Pierre Ginsburg : Indeed, I participated twice in 2012 to the contest HairMaster Métamorphose where I received once the second prize category Coupe Couleur (haircut hair color) BP and once the third prize in the same category. In 2013, I participated to many shows with the different HairMaster Métamorphose. I travelled between Aix-en-Provence, Valras, I even went to the Zénith in Provence, that was impressive ! I don’t really like being on stage, I am quite shy, being in the spotlight is not easy for me. These different events made me improve but I prefer the backstage where I prepare the hairstyles, during the shows, the fashion shows or the shootings.

    I am still learning, I am only 20 years, I haven’t seen everything. Furthermore, I like novelty, that’s why when I style in the salon, I can see different things and I can get better.  I am very motivated by Paris, fashion… I dream to make a name of myself, at the level of hairdressing I already have some contacts, I am starting to make myself known but my final objective is to enter in the fashion world and I want my work  to be recognized.

  • Livecoiffure : You also participated to many Fashion Week in Paris, could you tell us about that experience in the fashion world ?

    Pierre Ginsburg : From 2012 to 2013, I assisted Stéphane Bodin- a studio hairdresser- during the editorial shootings and during the Parisian Fashion Weeks, like those of John Galliano, Elie Saab, Valli, Armani… I met him when I was 17 and he knew Orlando Pita who was the cabin manager. He asked him if I could participate to the fashion shows and he agreed with that only if I wasn’t there just to observe but to act. I then helped in the backstage, I was assistant of assistants [laughter]. About 20 persons are there to be in charge of the fashion show and I was behind them with styling products, to blow dry, to hold hair…

    I had been dreaming about that since I was young, I was lucky to do that, this totally different from the hairdressing salon. During the fashion shows, you can’t make a mistake and you must reproduce to the letter what did the cabin manager. This is a meticulous and precise work. You can’t make a mistake !  

  • Pierre Ginsburg : 20 years old and a fashion lover, hairdressing is his specialty !
  • Livecoiffure : You are working at the salon Figure Libre-Le petit salon du 38, could you tell us about the salon and what is your exact role in this establishment ?

    Pierre Ginsburg : The salon is called Figure Libre and there are many in Bordeaux.  Before, I worked during one year and a half in the salon “principal” a bit more classic.  Today, I am styling in Le petit salon du 38, I am polyvalent, I do haircuts, hairstyles, hair colors… I don’t want to do just one thing, I like doing of everything. I am focusing on my techniques so I can get better and keep learning.  The salon is atypical : It is situated in the historic center of Bordeaux with an original decoration and our team is especially avant-garde, I think we can meet any kind of expectations. We do a lot punk and grunge hairstyles.
    We have various clients and they are open-minded persons, it is interesting to work on them. We adapt ourselves to the clients according to their desires then we do a diagnostic according to their face and their clothes.

    Livecoiffure : Any project for that year ?

    Pierre Ginsburg : Very soon, I will do a shooting ! I am trying to have contacts in Bordeaux because before being here, I was in Toulouse where I have all my team - photographer, stylist, makeup artist - I go there when I can. I did the shooting with them for the Hairdressing Awards. In the salon where I am working, we are trying to develop things, to be even more specialized. I would like to participate again to the HAD, depending of the dates, it is a whole organization !

  • Figure Libre (Le petit salon du 38)
    38, rue du Pas Saint Georges
    33000 Bordeaux - FRANCE
    Tél: 05 56 44 54 02


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