• In partnership with Jérôme Guézou and Sébastien Bafcop, Florent Debruxelles has a promising artistic career. He recently received the silver medal at the competition “The Big One Trophy 2016” in the “Young Talent” category. This passionate hairdresser tells us about his universe, his eternal, creative and eccentric passion. Livecoiffure wanted to know more about this atypical artist.

    Johann Krey

  • LIVECOIFFURE: Could you describe us Florent Debruxelles, Artist hairdresser?

    Florent Debruxelles: Florent received several medals and has anti-conventional preferences. I would say that he likes rare materials and surprising volumes. He practices in his salon following this philosophy.
    He participates to several “Hair Shows” like: Bob Sinclar, Paris By Night or “Crisis Festival”.  He develops his own artistic and singular universe and becomes ID Artist trainer for l’Oréal Professionnel. Florent is thirsty for creation and exchange.


    LIVECOIFFURE: How do your clients and your friends see you?

    Florent Debruxelles: I recently had some health issues which forced my absence from the salon. I received many messages of support from my clients and the most beautiful one was: “You are a good guy, nothing happens to good guys. You have a beautiful soul and you have a real zest for life.” C.Rippert. I feel better now!

    I have a privileged relationship with my clients. I like to meet new people, share my love and I am always optimistic.

    I managed to create a strong relationship with most of them and sometimes they come to see me to spend a different moment with me (not to have their hair cut). What do I like most? Meeting different people and “shaking” the classic codes of the “hairdresser-client” relationship so I can make personalized propositions.

    Jérome Guézou and Sébastien Bafcop always supported me. I am what I am thanks to them, now and in the future.

  • Reverberation Florent Debruxelles
  • Equateur Céleste - Florent Debruxelles
  • LIVECOIFFURE: What kind of mental preparation do you adopt the days before a hair show?
    Florent Debruxelles: Christophe Gaillet gave me a good piece of advice: the “funnel” technique. It means that at the beginning one explores all the ideas and then ones goes right to the point.

    Like many artists, thoughts, energies and emotions fill the head before a show, a shooting, a training o other performances. This is how we express ourselves and how we transmit a message according to our mood, our sensitivity, our career…

    All my energy remains on the Antoine Saint-Exupéry’s quotation. “Make your dream devour your life so that life does not devour your dream.” (By the way, this quotation is tattooed on my  ribs)

    So I like to unwind with artistic creations to express my dreams so they can come true!


    LIVECOIFFURE: Which artist inspire you and why?

    Florent Debruxelles: During a trip in New-York, I discovered my first cabinet of curiosities (Evolution) and I suddenly realized that I belong to this world.
    Last year, during the “Crisis Festival” I performed “Tranimal Hair Cabinet”.
    Leigh Bowery is considered, in New York, as a major art and fashion figure in the eighties. He is a multidisciplinary artist.
    He said this wonderful sentence: “If you are hunchbacked, put some glitters on and have fun, accept yourself”. The Tranimals use deformity to show that anybody can be beautiful if one give them a chance.
    One tend to fall into the trap of “what one think they are” or “what they should be”. The idea is to create a moment when everyone can start from zero.

    Be what you want because you can... 

    “Different is Beautiful”


    LIVECOIFFURE: Any future projects for 2017?
    Florent Debruxelles: Angel Studio became a brand in the l’Oréal Professionnel’s catalog. We are in charge to create new trainings to complete this catalog. I will also do photo shots for my new collections.
    We will also prepare Hair Show and other artistic performances.

    I will keep traveling to learn more from my foreign colleagues.

    Gold medalist of “New Face 2015” ».

    Silver medal at “The Big One Trophy 2016”
    in the “Young Talent”
    category of the Tribu-te magazine.

  • Aurore Boréale Florent Debruxelles
  • Photovoltaique Florent Debruxelles
  • Your favorite styling product:
    “wood varnish” that I often use in my constructions of fake buns!

    The indispensable object:
    My jewels and my bow tie but also my hat.

    Your favorite social network:
    Instagram because there are many ideas.

    The adjectives that characterize you best:
    Traveler, multidisciplinary artist, mysterious, elegant, sensitive, altruistic, curious, optimistic.


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