• Protection of the afro hair during summer
  • Protection of the afro hair during summer

  • Summer, for most of you, means rest, parties, baths, tanning…a lack of concern which can also means hair straw back to work. A consequence even more common for the frizzy hair already naturally dry. Here some pieces of advice to follow for beauty rituals.

    Christine Margossian

  • The sun tends to dry the hair fiber and to fight against that, you use and abuse the different butters and balms. However, they have a disadvantage : Making the hair heavy. It is recommended to use them in winter and to choose milky oily solutions a bit lighter. These products are applied at night and for practical reasons, you will be able to braid or twist your hair. A protection on the pillow case is welcomed.

    Other actions to plan twice a week : The deep haircare. Your hair will be softer and shinier and especially less and less rough on the lengths and the ends. The masks rich in coconut oil, one of the fewest to penetrate in the heart of the hair, will seduce you regarding the result. To apply that mask, we recommend you to divide your hair in a few sections so you can apply your haircare generously and harmoniously, on towel dried hair.

    The plus ? Put a shower cap on while waiting because the heat of the scalp which is imprisoned enables to boost the action of the active principles of the mask. After having rinsed it, you will apply your haircare without rinsing as a complement.

  • Regarding the actions of the salt and the chlorine in the frizzy hair, nothing more harmful for this hair already fragile. The most effective way is to wear a hat or a foulard with summer pattern tied around the head.

    The hair is coated with a sunscreen product before. Oil or cream, you can choose the texture that you prefer.

    Especially designed for black hair, the products Mizani are a professional option for your haircare shopping.




  • Protection of the afro hair during summer


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