• “ Really, a man without a mustache is not a man “
  • “ Really, a man without a mustache is not a man “

  • The mustache comes back in force each year during the famous Movember. Symbolic to inspire virility and power, demanding to raise awareness among people against the prostate cancer or a different one to escape from the hipster movement, the mustache stands up for itself and is proudly worn on the red carpets or the fashion podiums.

  • Yes, I say it without fear, the advent of the mustache can mark the end of the too expensive beard implants and the lengthy waits at the fashion barber's. You got it, I have a clear position on that question, myself from a family with men with a mustache through generations, I prepared for you a selection of the sexiest mustaches of the moment.

  • “ Really, a man without a mustache is not a man “
  • The mustache: free and wild

    Virility ✭✭✭✭
    Sex appeal ✭✭✭

    The main advantage is that it doesn't need much care and can easily go with a beard because, indeed, a beard and a mustache are not enemies. It is generally popular among the mustache novices who want an effective and fast result without being bothered. The free and wild mustache goes very well with a casual style or a more elegant style without flourishes.

    But be careful, little care doesn't mean no care. It is recommended to cut it from time to time with a pair of scissors and not with clippers to avoid having straight contours and loosing this wild touch that you like so much.   

    Sexy mark : 8/10


  • The dandy mustache :

    Sex appeal ✭✭
    Care ✭✭✭✭


    Very fashion, fine, short and regularly cut with precision, it represents the belonging to a group of beard lovers who like unique chic and original pieces. It follows a desire to be unique and well turned-out and will constitute a real element of differentiation to perfect a detailed style.
    Like a fashion studied accessory, it will clearly indicate your personality caring of the detail. It is looked after every day and prefers being cut with a small pair of scissors for more precision and more marked contours.
    The regular cut is also indispensable to control the length which can't be longer than 5mm with the risk to pass from dandy mustache to Zorro.Zorro.

    Sexy mark : 6/10 

  • “ Really, a man without a mustache is not a man “
  • “ Really, a man without a mustache is not a man “
  • The rock mustache :

    Virility ✭✭✭
    Sex appeal ✭✭✭✭
    Care ✭✭

    How to talk about it without referring to Johnny Depp who has been wearing it with elegance for a decade now. Dior icon for its perfume “ Sauvage “, you can see a casual mustache to remind a rebellious and unconventional spirit. It is worn longer, lightly reaching the side of the lips, can go with a little goatee, it needs its independence !
    Be careful again with the thickness, the mustache of Freddy Mercury, with all due respect, is not considered sexy anymore.
    The important second point is to not mark the contours too much. It can be looked after with clippers very easily once a week combined with a classical shaving.

    Sexy mark : 9/10


  • Here are the three main types of fashion mustaches to be sexy in 2016. However, remember, the most important is the way you wear it, proud and confident of your sex appeal. Whether it is short and voluminous like Charlie Chaplin, dense and reassuring like Magnum, or long and bent like a Scottish clan chief, the mustache remains the fashion sexy asset 2016 and like Guy de Maupassant said, “Vraiment, un homme sans moustache n’est plus un homme” (really, a man without a mustache is not a man).   


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