• Reboost your hair with a keratin haircare !
  • Reboost your hair with a keratin haircare !

  • You have dull and brittle hair ? You are tired and you don’t know what to do to make your hair shined ? No panic, the keratin haircare is made for you !

    Sara Svati

  • What is it ?

    The keratin is the raw material of your hair. It is represents, on its own, 90 % of the hair fiber and the rest is water, minerals and lipids.
    The keratin is present also in soya, wheat, corn... It is used in the shampoos, haircares and masks. When your keratin is damaged, you must treat that problem fast at risk of losing shine, vitality and strength.

    What is the role of the keratin ?

    It rebuilds the hair by nourishing it and by sheathing the hair fiber. The keratin also enables to protect your hair from the excess of the hairdryer and other hair straightener by creating a benefactor shield.
    The heat produced by these heating devices damages your fiber every day. By applying a product with keratin, you will reboost your hair without any problem !

    For who ?

    For all those who dream of a shiny and healthy hair cascade ! The keratin enables to obtain, with only one visit at the hairdresser’s, shiny and healthier hair.

    By applying a keratin haircare regularly, you will also obtain a smoothing effect.

    The keratin haircare is then perfect for damaged, colored hair strengthening its shine.

    To tame the frizz of the afro hair or to soften the curls, smooth the hair, nothing better than this 100% natural component. But fine hair could be heavier with this product !

  • We recommend you :

    - For a unique hair care : The haircare Blind' Age by EM2H :  This repairing haircare made of keratin and Pracaxi Brazilian oil hydrates in depth, protects and against breakage. The oil is rich in fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties. This thermal rebuilder gives shine to the hair while taming it up to the ends, without frizz.

    - For a daily haircare : The brand Kératherapy is perfect since it gathers any type of product rich in this component thanks to the technology Kerabond. Shampoo, dry shampoo, conditioner, you will have the choice according to your needs !

    - For the ones addicted to the blow dry : The cream brushing Pro Keratin Refill by l'Oréal Professionnel. To apply on wet and towel-dried hair, it restructures the hair fiber, protects it and has a detangling effect.

    - For a long-lasting effect : The Brazilian blowout to obtain at the hairdresser's with the haircare Premium Keratin Caviar by EM2H. This powerful treatment with keratin is multifunctional since it reduces volume, hydrates, nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber. Softness, shine and reconstruction of the damaged hair !

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