• Repairing damaged hair after the holidays
  • Repairing damaged hair after the holidays

  • Your holidays were just great. Wearing only a swimsuit  and a wide-brimmed hat, drinking colored cocktails and eating tomatoes and mozzarella…Today is time to come back to work. Your head is full of memories, your body with sunburns in the wrong places and a straw bale instead of the hair. We can’t help you with everything but we can still give you a few pieces of advice to survive that new hair ordeal.

    Marie Signoret

    • SOS color :

    The colored hair suffers in summer, even more on the beach or at the swimming pool - how many blonde ones came back with a green color like the bottom of the swimming pool… However, don’t go straightaway to your colorist when you come back from your holidays. Indeed, your damaged hair wouldn’t bear another haircolor and even less a bleaching. Don’t hide either, there is a solution while your hair gets better : The pigmented shampoos.

    • Shampoo :

    Choose a mild shampoo - why not the new range Respect avocado by Saint-Algue ? And try to space out your shampoos. Water is not the best for the hair - it’s even more the case for damaged hair - and the more you wash your hair, the more greasy it will be. This is because of the excited sebaceous glands which produce more and more sebum.

    You can also use a rinsing vinegar : It will retighten the scales, remove limescale and chlorine and make your hair shiny.

    • Hydrating :

    If you had to remember one thing : Hydrating your hair. Remember this time you tried to do exercises after 30 years of Inactivity - yes you are 30 years old, so what ? You run 10 meters with your trainers Stella MacCartney and you could drink all the water bar of Colette. At least two times. That is how your hair feels.

    Invest in a good mask - you can even replace your conditioner by your mask ! Or by a good hydrating cream which doesn’t need rinsing, you will use it every morning to style your hair - the new Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Leave-In Treatment by Kiehl's is said to be miraculous.

    • Food supplements :

    With the change of seasons, it is always good to take food supplements special hair. This will prevent the hair loss and will strengthen your hair mass.

    • Stop hairdrier :

    The holidays are over… Keep your bohemian spirit : Throw your hairdrier away. A repetitive heat will damage even more your hair and your scalp.

    • Cutting :

    Finally, if your ends are too damaged, very split, go straightaway to your hairdresser : He/she will cut just what you need !


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