• Revlon Professional organizes a show in Paris!
  • Revlon Professional organizes a show in Paris!

  • In an exceptional atmosphere, the Style Masters Revlon Professional put on a show to rival the greatest shows in Las Vegas. Between high technical creations and the energy of American Crew, more than 4400 world hairdressers came to participate to this American style show. The master of ceremonies will be the spirited Miquel Garcia Cotado, artistic vice- president and creative director for Revlon. A spectacular glimpse of the best in the business.

    Laure Delvigo

  • Style Masters Show Paris 2016


    Upon arrival at the Porte de Versailles models will have to contend with Revlon Professional security staff, hairdressers from Russia, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Europe all dressed to impress.

    Thanks to the crystals, huge buns and XXL platinum high topknots, tattoos or fitted suits for men, the show remains number one in the queue similar to the one at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Inside, the atmosphere was similar to a world cup match or a political meeting worthy of the Presidential elections! In the arena, each country enthusiastically supports the competitors personifying the high-flying creations on the catwalks.

    Crimped hair, well done caning, tribal braids and spectacular volumes, flags are shaken reminding us that this is an international competition and not a standard Fashion Week, despite the set!

    The show perfectly illustrates the philosophy of Style Masters Revlon Professional Show: Supporting the world hairdressers as Artists with the opportunity to present to the hairdressing actors their most elitist creations. Apart from the level of the show, we will retain the moving speech of Miquel Garcia Cotado: “ We celebrate Art and Freedom. You are not judged by your country or your sexual orientation. No matter where you come from, we celebrate the talents. 
    A beautiful humanism lesson and an enlightenment of the profession.

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  • The finalists of Style Masters 2016

    Among 60 participant countries to the Style Masters Show Paris 2016, the 9 international finalists displayed peerless technical skills along with amazing creativity.

    Russia with Oksana Sharafutdinova won the award for creativity and the Award of GLOBAL WINNER was attributed to the exceptional British artist Anne Veck. In addition to the noticed presence of the ex Miss France Marine Lorphelin, France was represented by the talented Eric Megna, finalist for France, showing a mastery of volumes and vaporous textures following by Pierre Ginsburg elected Jeune Talent of the Style Masters Show.

    Denmark won the award for the best technique with Daniel Tobiasen, whose hype look impressed many guests. In addition to the competition, the American Crew projected an incredible energy with their campaign organized around Elvis and models of the Marlon Brando persuasion, in the presence of David Raccuglia, founder of American Crew who presented the competition All star Challenge. To cater to women, the brand revealed its collections Revlon Professional PV16, Malibu, noteworthy with its sexy models parading with rollers, Shape-a-porter and Games of Revlon inspired by the series Game of Thrones before closing the show with a next collection Revlon  0I 16: Party.

    The Style Masters Show Paris 2016 is an event which cements Revlon Professional’s status as a very highly respected and in-demand brand. See you in 2017!


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