• Revolution : Medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation of the scalp !
  • Revolution : Medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation of the scalp !

  • What is the biggest men’s fear regarding their hair? Hair loss of course! Whatever is the origin of the problem, hair loss can be a real torture. And even if they are solutions against this nightmare, the miraculous products, medicines or surgeries are not adapted to everyone. Discover this revolutionary innovation : the medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation!

    Sara Svati

  • What is dermopigmentation?

    Medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation is completely different from a tattoo or dermography. This technique consists in pigmenting a delimited zone or the whole scalp point by point in order to simulate hair growth. For a natural result, you need time, patience and an expertise by a doctor.

    Sophie Casadio, Doctor in Marseilles found an innovative and lasting solution against hair loss and allopecia.

  • Revolution : Medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation of the scalp !
  • How does it work?

    This dermocosmetic revolution is due to the evolution of material! Indeed, thanks to the needles especially designed to do small points, you have a perfect illusion of hair growth at the surface of the skull. The pigment implants are made so the color doesn't change and many tones were created from bright to dark colors. Each patient will find their color according to their desires!


    The strongest demand regarding DME of the scalp comes from men. They have a big complex about their hair loss or they are fed up of their shaved head so they find the solution with this aesthetic technique. What they really want is to have a very colorful skull so they have the feeling of seeing hair on their head. And this is possible thanks to an injection of dark pigments which create this illusion.
    A real aesthetic illusion, this innovative technique seduces more and more women who want to have more hairs. This demand in hair density enables to give depth to the roots thanks to dark pigments. This technique is for people affected by allopecia.

    How long?

    For a small zone, a session lasts about 2 hours but for the whole head 4-5 hours, the latter is done under a local anaesthetic. A retouch can be done three weeks after for a lasting result, between 3 and 5 years depending of the patients and the color of the pigments.


    A compulsory medical opinion

    The medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation of the scalp is performed under a local anaesthetic so it must be performed in a medical office meeting safety and hygiene standards. Furthermore, the patient must be sure they will not regret their choice. The patient must have thought seriously about it in order to avoid any psychological disorder.
    They must be used to the result and a session of retouch can be performed after a certain period of time. In a medical office, covering is possible thanks to the laser but knowing the right gestures and listening to the patient is the most important to obtain a perfect result meeting the client’s expectations.

  • Revolution : Medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation of the scalp !
  • Revolution : Medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation of the scalp !
  • Revolution : Medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation of the scalp !
  • Testimony of Jean-Michel FARETRA

    He is one of the people having tested this innovative concept. Very pleased with the result, this talented hairdresser said : “ I heard about this techniques viewing many before/after pictures. I was already seduced then I met the Dr Casadio. I straightaway knew I was going to take the step. Her very professional medical approach convinced me. “

    Indeed, when you have someone jabbing your skull, it is recommended to choose a doctor rather than a beautician. Three weeks after having his compulsory medical appointment with the doctor, Jean-Michel Faretra was locally anesthetized.
    The hair implant was drawn on his skull thanks to an old picture of him. In the end of the session, after a long and difficult work, the result is already visible.

    With three sessions, retouches included, the result is incredible. The desired effect was drawn step by step through the sessions. “ And I can say that after the second retouch, I was very surprised : I was exactly what I was dreaming about! The intensity, the color, the density, the effect… Everything was perfect! “


  • Revolution : Medical and aesthetic dermopigmentation of the scalp !


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