• Snail slime and snake venom : Welcome in the Universe of CARABACOL
  • Snail slime and snake venom : Welcome in the Universe of CARABACOL

  • Snail slime and snake venom : Welcome in the Universe of CARABACOL, a mixed brand without artifice !

  • For a few years, there has been a revolution preparing in the cosmetics world. The aloe's virtues have been well proven; this ingredient seduced us and invaded the shelves. But it seems to be almost old school compared to the snail or the snake. Indeed, these two elements, very different, enters little by little in our bathroom! Indeed ,CARABACOL, a small Belgian family company, uses it as its trademark. Open the surprising universe where everything is possible !

    Already 10 years that CARABACOL exists but the snails and the snakes have not always been their source of beauty. First, exploiting the aloe vera and focusing the manufacturing processes around the natural properties of the plant, the brand extended its field of activity with products like snail slime and snake venom, whose properties are actually very good for the skin. Scientific studies published in 2011 and 2013 establish a clear link between the use of product made of snail slime and the reduction of wrinkles thanks to a powerful cell regeneration. These studies also confirmed the quality of these products in the treatment of different skin problems like healing or acne for example. More specifically, the viper venom used in small quantity enables a relaxation of the muscles making disappear the wrinkles and the little wrinkles giving a lifting effect comparable to botox, according to many researches.

    It is thus quite natural that CARABACOL offers today, simple ranges using these two ingredients with unusual properties. The snail slime with many virtues can be found as a cream, gel and shampoo to nourish and reinforce ours cells in depth. Complementary, the snake venom that you can find in creams and eye contour gel , offers a stimulating antiwrinkles action. And you may think that the brand remains on elementary products, actually we like this simplicity and this commitment to make us discover and use atypical and mixed products  rich in natural ingredients and with cosmetologic surprising qualities. Furthermore, they are for everybody and for any budget and they tend to be organic (from 20€ to 200€, Products CARABACOL)!

  • Snail slime and snake venom : Welcome in the Universe of CARABACOL


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