• SOS, hair in distress !
  • SOS, hair in distress !

  • It’s Winter, your hair is dull. Rough hair, changing color, split ends, you need a hair care for the ends to repair your hair very fast !  Our favorite products : Three new Schwarzkopf products.

    Laure Delvigo

  • 1- Plumping shampoo
    BC Excellium

    Rich in extracts of Q10+ and of collagen, this shampoo is a real cosmetic care. On the instructions, you learn that the co-enzyme Q10+ is detectable in every human cell and indispensable for the production of energy during the breathing process.
    Regarding the hair, it stimulates the hair growth by reviving the production of keratin. Present in the skin, the collagen gives strength, elasticity and shapes the skin.
    During the application, the shampoo foams a lot. My haircolor is still the same, the hair is soft and light.

    Tube 200ml - PVC : 95,00

  • SOS, hair in distress !
  • 2-Hydrating Hair mist BC Oil Miracle

    I have mixed hair, the oils can be sometimes too greasy for my hair. A hair mist… The title seduces as much as its sweet perfume with Marula oil. Contrary to the various oils you can find, the latter uses the Micro-Dispersion technology, as its name suggests,  it dispersed very fine layers of dry oil.
    Result : The oil dries twice as much as a traditional oil. Apart from its formula which doesn’t make the lengths heavy, the brilliance is perfect ! To put in your vanity-case to shine during the celebrations !

    Tube 100ml - PVC : 28.95 €

  • 3- Maintaining Fibreplex
    Bond Maintainer - hair mask

    This is the tendency of the moment : Noticed at the MCB, all the hair cares finishing in “ ex “, are very fashion since September with an“ anti-breakage miraculous product ”touch on the colored hair that I doubt the efficacy. So what's more about that Fibreplex mask ? I am already seduced by its contemporaneous packaging very nice in my bathroom. Bond Maintainer - hair mask The links, what are they ?
    The hair colors, the bleachings, the perms and other highlights weaken the structure of the hair especially the constitutive links of the keratin which contribute to the breakage of the lengths and the ends. Like a traditional hair care, I apply Bond Maintainer after the shampoo. I wait 10 minutes.

    Result : The hair is less rough and silkier. Blow-dry, it clearly shinier. This makes me want to do one thing : Testing the whole Fibreplex service in salon in order to have stronger hair again for a long time.
    PVC : 23, 15 € 100ml

  • SOS, hair in distress !
  • SOS, hair in distress !


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