• Special Father’s Day gifts Beauty shopping 100% male !
  • Special Father’s Day gifts Beauty shopping 100% male !

  • 1-L’Artisan Createur - Beard comb and Portuguese mustache

    Wearing the beard like the mustache, yes it is fashion but well groomed ! 
    The horn comb doesn’t break the hair fiber and doesn’t create any static electricity in the hair. Note : You can personalize the color of the horn

    9.5 cm X 4.5 cm - 55 €

    Shop online : www.lartisan-createur.com

  • 2-Clairjoie -Man’s case

    A peppermint (organic) refreshing shower gel gives a tonic freshness to the skin. Its soft formula is for any kind of skin. The tonic organic peppermint hydrosol is associated to the of organic peppermint essential oil. refreshing, leaving a very perfumed skin.

    Un Soin 3 en 1 visage homme - Hydratant, anti-âge et confort après rasage. This smart care hydrates, soothes and tones up the skin while removing the signs of fatigue. Anti-aging, this cream contains also an organic active argan tree extract with anti-wrinkle and tightening effect  Finally, for the comfort, the organic aloe vera and the organic cornflower in synergy to sooth and tone up the skin. 29 €

    Shop online www.clairjoie.com

  • 3-Icon Dunhill Perfume

    A real design object, its massive flask in notched metal ; reveals a sensorial pleasure of the material. A perfume designed like a timeless classical one with 3 main notes : Lavender, leather and vetiver. ICON takes is inspired by the refined and evocative universe of the British brand. You can find the quintessence Dunhill interpreted by a luxurious refined and modern fragrance. A chic perfume for father gentleman ! Recommended price : 89€ 100ml and 69€ 50 ml.

  • 4-Naturado - Eau de toilette Tribal

    At any time of the day, these very masculine tribal essences will give woody, spicy and citric notes. The Pacific spirit ! 100 ml : 39,90€

    Shop online www.provence-argile.com

  • 5-Amanprana - Shaving oil 3 in 1 Razoli

    A sexy oil which soothes, accelerates and simplify the shaving especially with a protective film between the skin and the blade. The blade slides better on the skin, reducing the risks of cutting or scratching. The coconut, olive and red palm oil united to the 7 essential oils contained in that shaving oil cure, nourish, protect and slightly perfume the skin. No need of a shaving cream, a shaving soap or an after shave, the skin is naturally soft again !  34,90€

  • 6-3 blade Panasonic shaver

    Equipped with a beard sensor, this High-tech shaver is adapted to all the dads who want to stay handsome and elegant every day. The new beard sensor automatically adjusts the speed according to the density, the length or the thickness of the beard. With the ST25, men can softly shave a three day’s beard without any sensation of skin irritation.
    The skin is closely shaved and remains soft. Furthermore, it is equipped with round-shaped outer foils which follow the contours of the face, perfect for the difficult zones like the neck or the chin. Its 3 blades with 30° cutting angle guarantee a net and precise shaving. The smallest : The ST 25 also enables a shaving in the shower !
    Recommended retailed price : 139 euros

  • 7-Lacoste L!VE - Total Refill

    An energetic and chic cocktail of green lemon and licorice for an elegant man. This case contains

    - An Eau de Toilette 100 ml - 62.50 €

    - A Casque Lacoste

  • 8-Biotherm - Total Recharge

    3 of its emblematic cares Biotherm offering to men a dosis of freshness, energy or youth. Special mention to the tonic Total Refill :  An hydrating cream removing the signs of fatigue. Its new formula is rich in an exclusive revitalizing complex : Ginseng, Vitamin C, caffeine, Guarana, Spirulina extract. Its double hydrating and tonic action 24h to fight the visible signs of fatigue is the ally of men after a long day or a short night.

    Result : A boosted skin with a “+2h of sleep” effect !

    The Dosis + flask 50 ml - 46 € . Note : A travel-size shaving foam is offered in each dosis


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