• Spring Summer tendency : Return of the ponytail!
  • Spring Summer tendency : Return of the ponytail!

  • Easy to do and which can be adapted to any look, the ponytail is THE hairstyle worn by every woman. And this season, it is one of the stars highlighting your pretty face. Zoom on the ponytail!

    Sara Svati

  • The glamour and sexy ponytail keeps being popular. Season after season, this hairstyle is timeless! In a low version for the discreet ones, you will see it upper this Spring. As a topknot, it makes us think straightway about the style of the eighties, so try it! For the fans of this period...


    Take inspiration from this charming timeless ponytail like Jacques Dessange did for its collection Eclipse, brought at the front in a punk style.
    Directly inspired from the eighties, this hairstyle stands out from others with its color, its pretty colored ends and a falsely tousled touch.

  • Spring Summer tendency : Return of the ponytail!
  • A ponytail fast to do but with a nice effect : flatten your hair at the back with wax keeping the parting in the middle. Then make a low ponytail. Surround the hair tie with a strand to hide it. A very simple hairstyle with a very elegant result! You can also personalize your ponytail like Jérôme Guézou did bring it on your shoulder like a half loop.

    Another possible version suggested by Christine Margossian for her collection Beauté Décalée, but this time with high ponytail at the top of the head. The hair tie is surrounded by a strand. In its loose version, this High Pony Tail gives the illusion of a graphical angled bob.

    Other option of hairstyle : A big ponytail brought at the front of the face with hairpins for a retro and original touch like Laetitia Guénaou's.

    Christophe Gaillet
    reveals, through his new collection Identity, a woman with a feline look inspired from Quentin Tarantino’s heroines, always disconcerting. The ponytail which is suggested is simple but the "grungy" fringe highlights a style with a strong character.

    For a more different and seductive hairstyle, Franck Provost shows us the process : your hair becomes your beauty accessory even more brought at the back. The strands on the neck are tied up with the side ones to make a very graphical knot.

    The braided version by Jean-Louis David is also a possible choice to obtain a very original ponytail. The hairstyle contains a braid from the middle of the forehead appearing in relief up to the top of the head and finishing like a ponytail.


    So, which version of the ponytail are you gonna fall for?

  • Spring Summer tendency : Return of the ponytail!
  • Spring Summer tendency : Return of the ponytail!
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