• French Girl Hair

  • We don’t need to present you the actress Eva Green, multifaceted muse of the brand LOréal Professionnel. She wears different hairstyles and looks really good, we are so jealous sometimes!  The actress recently wears a look of the seventies because the long hair trend comes back for this season. If you adopt the French Girl Hair style proposed by the new Tecni.art range you will be a real fashionista!

    Daphné Malan

  • The "French Girl hair"

    In addition to being the new Tecni.Art range of products proposed by LOréal Professionnel, if you want to follow the hair trend, ¡this is a wavy hairstyle that you must adopt this Autumn-Winter!  The aim is to wear a tousled-styled hairstyle. Ladies, if you want a French Girl Hair look like Eva Green, you must forget straight hair!

    THE FRENCH GIRL HAIR: Opt for long hair with a fringe!

    LE RESULT to OBTAIN: a relaxed and natural look. A “froissé nonchalant” by L’Oréal Professionnel.

  • THE FRENCH GIRL HAIRPRODUCTS: L’Oréal Professionnel designed 2 Tecni.Art products.
    The Messy Cliché definition spray is adapted to fine hair. If you have thick hair, no panic, LOréal Professionnel also though about you and proposes you the French froissé, in the form of a cream.

    HOW TO DO IT: You just need to create a wavy effect! Yes but how?
    LOréal Professionnel suggests two techniques. For the girls with fine hair, we recommend to make braids which start from the cheekbones to the ends. Before that you must use the adapted spray. In your case, the Messy Cliché is recommended. Dry your hair with hairdryer while creasing it with the fingers. Don’t forget that a tousled-styled effect is essential!
    If your hair is thick, it is better to opt for the French froissé. The best is to wash your hair at night and then to apply a knob of cream on wet hair. Then braid your hair and have a good night! Your cosy pillow will do the rest of the work.

    So, seduced?  Eva Green will not be the only one wearing this French style!


    “I recommend to my clients the new French Girl Hair Tecni.art range by lOréal Professionnel in order to obtain a natural wavy effect and shiny hair.

    Messy Cliché, is THE spray for fine hair. It is perfect to obtain a natural effect without volume at the roots. The French Froissé product is a cream for thick hair especially if you want a provocative undulation.
    This is a short range composed of only two construction products. I like this alcohol touch.
    For the fine hair, these products help to obtain a wavy and flexible style making the hair soft. 

    My trick:  to accentuate the effect of the product on washed and towel dried hair, apply the French Girl Hair range on the whole hair then make several braids and finally dry in order to have a lasting wavy look. “

    Thanks to Florent Debruxelles of the Salon ANGEL STUDIO-76 rue Pierre Demours-75017 Paris



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