• Sweet macaroons

  • Help, macaroons are back! Very popular in the Middle Ages, during the post-war period and then appearing sometimes during traditional ceremonies: Communion or wedding version Cyrilus, the small twisted braid is back and could become the trendy hairstyle of this summer. But before falling for it, you must tame it and revisit it. Menu: three trends, not too complicated.

    Claire de Saint Lunaire

  • The authentic one

    After having brushed your hair, straighten it and apply a serum, an oil or a powder so your hair remains homogeneous. Do a low side ponytail. Then roll the big strand up. Fix with hairpins and here you are. For a more natural aspect, you can leave a few strands escape on the other side of the neck.


    The Braid one

    This is the trendiest macaroons. Braids are everywhere this summer. Same process as the authentic one. Do a low side ponytail but instead of twisting, you make a braid and roll it up. Finally, fix with hairpins to make it hold perfectly. You can also add these little strands on the other side of the neck.


    The symmetrical one

    Last challenge: a macaroon on each side. Not easy to wear, perfect to be noticed. Same technique as before but this time the hair is divided by a middle parting before making two macaroons on each side. For a ceremony: you can wear a sexy outfit because it chastened you and even makes you look older. For everyday life, you can wear a messy version of it.


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