• The 5 best sophisticated hairstyles

  • The wavy or tousled-styled hairstyles are not the only hair trends of the moment. We want to share with you a “special ties” selection for long or mid-length hair.
    Focus on 5 sophisticated hairstyles which are so imprinted on our minds.

    Johann Krey

  • Long or mid-length hair gives you and endless choice of possible hairstyles but when it is about a sophisticated hairstyle, the detail becomes very important.
    A hair professional knows how to be different thanks to their creativity. We are lucky to receive many collection pictures and some of them are more different than others thanks to their creativity.

    To create a sophisticated hairstyle, don’t forget that our dear hairdressers spend hours observing, taking inspiration from around them and trying and trying again before finding the detail which will make all the difference.

    Long hair is great source of inspiration and gives scope to many possibilities.

  • Not any hairdresser is an Ambassador L’Oréal Professionnel, some of them created, for the next season, unbelievable hair ties.

    The one proposed by Laetitia Guénaou is an ode to femininity. The hair is like sculpted, the metallic accessories (Hair Metal) raise the volume of the hairstyle and juggle between material and lightness.

    Christine Margossian created a real surprise game by proposing a double texture of the hair. The bun viewed from the front reminds of the femininity of the opera dancer. While the back is highlighted by knots shaped from down to top in many parallel sections. It is absolutely beautiful!

    Claude Tarantino plays with this blond hair like a window-dressing. Viewed from the front, the side ties look like ponytail but when you look from side-on, each shaped strand frame the face in a beautiful way.

  • Philippe Laurent plays with the material of the hair. It is flattened on the top of the head. The tie is wrapped in a tight foulard to highlight the vaporous crimped hair.

    Jérôme Guézou bets on the elegance and the glamour effect with this structured curly hairstyle. This false fringe, perfectly straightened highlights the silky aspect of the hair.

    What are your favorite hairstyles among this selection?


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