• The beauty look of Micky Green
  • The beauty look of Micky Green

  • It’s been a long time we haven’t heard from the pretty Micky. With Julien Doré, the beautiful Australian singer with green eyes, with a very nice platinum hair, seduces her audience with her pop jazz airs but also with her very special style. Deciphering of a look to follow.

    Carine Derosier

  • Pop and eccentric, she looks like Gwen Stephani, but without the ling. Here come the pretty Micky Green. Famous for her musical and clothes twists, her blond peroxide hair, Micky Green keeps surprising us. At the Fashion Week, street wear in New-York, she surprised everybody with a hippie-chic look in her last clip “Chou Wasatch”» with Juline Doré.

    And even if the tendency is more than ever about the seventies this season, the former muse of Mango remains an avant-garde icon of the sea punk style. Total color block, boyish or black couture, her style reflects her creativity. Far from the established tendencies, the pop singer mixes the styles like the sounds. Combining pieces of creators and elegant jewels, she definitely her own fashion with always a feminine and refined touch.

    Identifiable straightaway, the pretty blond signer also worked as a Dj for Armani during the Vogue Night Out in Paris. Surfing on several tendencies, Micky Green knows very well how to mix teddy, glasses with thick thick frames, XXL necklace and running shoes with sexy hook boys, veils and other eighties plume tis that she mixes with hipster styles with cool girl hat and rings on all fingers.


  • Julien Doré - Chou Wasabi ft. Micky Green
  • And to have the same look as Micky Green, follow the guide!

    With step ahead of ginger color, platinum color remains the IN color! At the cinema, the TV shows, peroxide blond color remains the favorite color of the stars. After Marylin, Madonna, Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus, all of them adopted the tendency of the platinum blond color. A trademark for Micky Green who has been wearing it for quite a long time after a fast passage to flamboyant ginger. And if this tone doesn't fit everybody and requires a certain care. It remains very sexy. Like Micky Green, we highlight her platinum blond color with a full fringe and a light makeup with a bit of eyeliner but also with a two-tone manicure to add fancy touch with modernity.

  • Micky Green


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