• The best of the Autumn Winter 2016 men haircuts

  • Among the good resolutions for the new season, why not, gentlemen, opting for a real styled haircut. Here comes a selection of the trendiest looks and pretty easy to adopt…Follow us.

    Claire de Saint Lunaire

  • Nadia Bouchikhi
  • After a summer during which your hair has been subjected to severe test, it is high time to refresh your haircut. Why not pleasing yourself with a trendy haircut?

    This Autumn, the hipster haircut evolves. Reminder: it is famous for its contrast between the short sides of the head, even shaven and on the top of the head the lengths remain. With Nadia Bouchikhi, the hair is smooth and flattened emphasizing the graphic side of the haircut.

    Jean-Claude Biguine accentuates the volume on the sides and on the top of the head. An under cut version in a very Anglo-Saxon spirit.  The short part can be seen at 2 to 3 cm above the neck. The advantage is that you can style your hair at the back, on the side and play with the volume. A haircut perfect for thick and flexible hair.

    Biguine also revisits the mid-length haircut. For those who want to show off with their hair, the haircut can be loose or you can wear your hair in a ponytail or a bun. The back part is cut short for a graphic effect.

  • Finally, the strand is back like a new wave. Thinned out, it is very present hiding two-thirds of the forehead.  If the hair is flexible, it can be raised at the back with Jean-Louis David.

    Also very present with Saint-Algue who revisits it in a graphic way on straight hair and worn almost like a fringe or very flexible and romantic on the side.

    Intermede revisits James Dean's haircut and the smoothing at the back of the thirties. Also two styles with Coiff and Co.


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