• The comb is back
  • The comb is back

  • How to shine with your hair for the celebrations ? We have the perfect accessory : The comb. We left it in our grand-mother’s wardrobe, it comes back in force and for chic and easy hairstyles easy to make - what more can you ask for ?

    Marie Signoret

  • Guillemette House and the rock 'n chic comb

    A long comb with many big stones to shine all night long - and even during the day ! We like the way almost nonchalant to place it along a low tied chignon and to associate it with a simple grey sweater.


  • The comb is back
  • The comb is back
  • Clémence Cabanes and the romantic chignon

    In Clémence Cabanes, the leather petal comb can come into a low and blurred bun. Madly romantic. You isolate a strand on the front of the face then you roll the lengths down on the skull then fix hairpins. Then bring the strand back toward the bun and fix it with the comb.


  • Free People and stars comb

    Finally a solution for those who can't be bothered making a French twist until the end : here, you take a big side strand that you bring back to make a French twist, then fix it with the big comb and leave free the rest of your hair. Who is the star ?


  • The comb is back
  • The comb is back
  • Jennifer Behr up to the galaxy

    This time, you’ll have to make this French twist. But it’s for a good reason because with this comb Jennifer Behr, if you are not the center of the galaxy, you can at least be the center of the night which is not bad at all.
    You make that French twist as usual but messing your hair up a bit once everything is finished for a unstructured chic look.
    You just need to place your comb on the side.


  • Asos and the vintage comb

    A very simple hairstyle – thanks to the Swarovski crystals ! Make a simple half ponytail, then fix with a hairpin that you hide bringing back a small strand on the hairpin. Then place the comb. Magic !


  • The comb is back
  • The comb is back
  • Free People or the bun but better

    Let's go back to Free People with a pretty comb which will make your daily bun much more “Waouh” ! Make a simple bun a bit high but not too much – half of the head, it would be perfect.
    Fix it with hairpins and mess everything up for a more bohemian look, you can even release a few strands around the ears.
    Finish with placing the comb at the top of the bun.



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