• The Energy Code by System Professional
  • The Energy Code by System Professional

  • Do you have colored hair? Yes but the roots get greasy very fast and the ends are very dry! Between haircares special colored hair, shampoos for greasy hair and serums “special split ends”, what to choose among the host of haircares in the market to obtain a lasting and satisfactory result? With the new range Energy Code, System Professional offers a new system of haircares with 40 references and 170 million possible combinations.Diagnostic.

    Laure Delvigo

  • I’ve been coloring my hair for more than 20 years as I couldn't bear my dull brown hair since I was young. In 1990, like many girls, I wanted to have blond hair like the Californian girls!
    Then comes the ginger hair version Mylène Farmer, before having platinum hair, a very bad idea when you have long hair, my hairdresser warned me! Of course, I didn’t listen to him like many of you…
    A few years later, I regretted it because even with my tone on tone haircolors with a tie & dye three times a year, it is very difficult to have healthy hair.

    I went to the hairdresser lately and I was told about a new range “Energy Code” by System Professional,  a very exclusive brand.Poppy Delivingne is one of the muses for Energie Code TM. Energy Code, what is it? First the diagnostic, like when you go to the doctor or in a spa. Good idea, it’s been a long time I haven’t had a diagnostic in salon…
    The hair expert asks me several questions :  Do you lose your hair? Are your ends split? How many times a week do you wash your hair...etc?  The questions are very precise about the state of your hair.

    After having diagnosed a scalp which tends to get greasy fast and split ends resulting from my last balayage, the hairdresser prepares a system of personalized haircares combining 4 ranges :
    Derma – Fibra – Extra – Forma,  acting in synergy like a formula  : B1, S2, R3, L4, X4L.

  • What are these mysterious scientific codes mentioned on my care cards in the salon :


    1. B1 - Balance Shampoo mild hair care for the scalp
    To be applied 3 times a week, the Balance Shampoo is a mild haircare for the scalp, recommended for those having a sensitive scalp which needs a frequent shampoo even every day.  Designed with dermatologists, its mild formula without colorants contributes to give flexibility and hydration. I love its fluid and transparent texture which smells like the extract of white birch bark.


    2. S2 - Smoothen Conditionner Detangling cream for everyday use
    For rebellious and indisciplined hair, this cream is perfect to apply everyday with a waiting time of only 30 seconds. We love its bluish and chrome packaging but also its anti-frizz protection. Easy to style, my hair is flexible again.


    3. R3 - Masque Repair - Repairing intense mask
    Particularly recommended for my split ends, this mask protects the damaged, brittle hair fibers. And you can see it! Strengthened and nourished without being heavy, my hair is healthy again in only one application, for a “wow” effect on, like at the hairdresser’s!


    4. X4L - Liquid Hair  - Molecular haircare
    From the range  “Extra”, Liquid Hair is among the most specialized haircares by Energy Code. Designed to reconstruct durably the hair fiber, this high performance haircare reinjects the amino acids in the hair. However, even if I am seduced by the action and the pipette bottle made of polished glass, I am less seduced by the protocol : Apply the product after the mask and/or conditioner on rinsed and towel dried hair for 5 minutes so that the active elements of Liquid Hair can penetrate, before proceeding to the final rinsing.. This is a bit tedious but if the result can be seen in a few weeks, it is worth it for a lasting result! 


    5. L4 - Luxe Oil- Re constructive Elixir - Repairing Elixir
    Applied during styling, this anti-frizz oil protects against the damage resulting from the devices on the hair. Its repairing properties can also be combined in a mask SP Professional in order to have a feeling of delight. I love its perfume and its glossy shine!

    Energy Code System Professional is available among a selection of certified hairdressers.

    From 22.40 €.

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