• The new miraculous product for bleached hair : OLAPLEX®
  • The new miraculous product for bleached hair : OLAPLEX®

  • OLAPLEX®is an active principle developed by the Dr Eric Pressly and the Dr Craig Hawker who contribute to the beauty sector. This resulted in 47 international patents to guarantee a bleaching without damage and a long lasting hair color. Born in California OLAPLEX® is THE brand which revolutions all the chemical, mechanic and thermal actions which damage the hair. Discovery.

    Christine Margossian

  • OLAPLEX® repairs the damage of the hair fiber by rebuilding the disulfide bonds and by multiplying them. You just need to introduce to the preparations like bleaching, hair color, smoothing, a few drops of that solution to guarantee a protected hair. The buzz comes from the use of that product for the brunette Kim Kardashian who turned platinum blonde for a few day…that way the flexibility and the softness of the hair is respected. OLAPLEX® is a technical product and its result can’t be seen as a hair care.

    When can you use it

    Hair colors (oxidative hair color, tone on tone, fleeting, gloss…)

    • Strands (highlights, wrapped/open air strands)

    • Straightening

    • Perm

    • Brazilian straightening

    Even if the creativity of the hairdressers can be multiplied, be careful to no consider that product as the miraculous solution. For example, even if the waiting time and the light level can be increased, OLAPLEX® can’t turn by itself a brunette into a blonde person or turn damaged hair very healthy. The professional must be the only one to decide about working on a very damaged hair !

    Regarding France, the professionals will be able to obtain that product in Bleu Libellule. Indeed, that network won the exclusivity of the OLAPLEX®’s distribution.

  • The new miraculous product for bleached hair : OLAPLEX®


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