• The satisfaction of the client during the different stages of their visit

  • Yours clients are more and more demanding in terms of reception, diagnostics, hygiene, atmosphere, attentiveness, services and advice. It is only natural in our society where everything is measured by opinions, where the experience of each of us circulates on social networks (via pictures) and where loyalty is a key issue when faced with a large choice of services & new concepts, at any price.

    Perrine LHOTE
    Chef de Marché - Direction Marketing

  • Gaining customers’ loyalty is an important objective since the loyal client is a satisfied client and may attract other clients.

    Generally, 1 satisfied client talks to 3 people and conversely, 1 unsatisfied client talks to 10 people! You must always be attentive to offering a “satisfying experience” – and to even surprise your clients in a good way. All of this aims to make your clients come back to your salon and not your rival’s!

    Here are some pieces of advice for each key step during the visit of a client:

  • 1-The reception & atmosphere:

    This is the first contact with your clients, the first impression of you in terms of pleasantness, attentiveness and service. Your smile and the quality of your reception are essential to satisfy your client.

    The atmosphere of your salon can reflect your image but it must also attract the type of clients that you want: a client who go and see a barber doesn’t expect the same atmosphere when they go and see a low-cost hairdresser!

  • 2- Waiting time

    You can offer a coffee to your clients (even a package “haircut – breakfast for those who get up early), magazines, hairdressing books, to pass the time. You can also propose an activity: a touch tablet to watch series or to play games, a nail workshop DIY or a massage armchair.

    Also don’t hesitate to apologize to them if the waiting time is prolonged, there is nothing worse than being ignored!

    With these little attentions to detail, you are showing your clients that you value them and will do your utmost to adhere to their needs. By adding these extra services and showing you are willing to go the extra mile you can be sure to win their loyalty!

    3- Diagnostics

    Take time to rephrase what your client asked you, this will reassure them! They are also waiting for your advice, your propositions, your creativity to respond to their needs. They will appreciate your implication and your added value compared with other hairdressers who don’t adopt this approach.

  • 4- Shampoo

    Your clients expect a very relaxing experience, “let it go”... A short cranial massage even if it lasts only 3 minutes it still means that you are taking care of them.

  • 5- The haircut or the technical service :

    Checking is your watchword! You must check at that moment what your client is expecting: the service, the right length to cut or the haircolor they have in mind.

  • 6- Analysis of the result

    You must confirm that the result satisfies your client: there will be always fussy people but in general you must see to it that the client is satisfied...  A last retouch can change their opinion and this could make the all the difference.

    7- Client departure

    The price must not be a surprise for your client. Your prices must be clearly displayed and visible or you can give them a cost estimate during the diagnostic and make sure the price is agreeable.

    During the payment, you can, thanks to the intelligent ticket (via a management program like Fiducial Média Coif), print a second “loyalty” ticket including promotions, special offers...; your client will leave even more satisfied with this discount voucher.

    Walk with the client to the door with a smile… and if you respect all of these steps, you may see them again in your salon and they maybe will recommend it to other people!

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