• The world of Valérie Dumond, a real make up Artist

  • You found your dress for the end of year celebrations but be careful with your make up. For that, don’t miss out on our make up advice because a mistake can be fatal.  Livecoiffure interviewed Valérie Dumond, a real make up artist, in order to decrypt the know-how of an expert and to make accessible to everybody. Reveal the woman inside you!

    Daphné Malan.

  • LIVECOIFFURE: How do you work in team for a photo shooting session?

    We all meet the client's needs, DA or ad agency with the help of a storyboard/mood board communicated by email to the whole team. This way, everybody knows what they have to do exactly thanks to this roadmap. Some suggestions and modifications the D-day can sometimes occur for various technical reasons, preparation time.
    As a make up artist, I have to adapt the make up instructions to the chosen model(s). Regarding the manicure, I can even out the nails and put the false nails, apply a basic nail polish, take into account the work of the hairdresser or the post hairstyle. I also have to take into account the light and analyze it with the photographer.
    This way, his/her assistant can make perfect adjustments. Whether the shooting session takes place in a studio or outside, at – 10° or 40°, at 3am or 8am, with a highly experienced team or a new one, regardless of the weather, the working conditions, the extra hours…

  • The objective is to satisfy the client who has a specific project idea and wants the best result... All of that in a good atmosphere!  


    LIVECOIFFURE: How do you perceive the beauty of a woman and a man?

    I have an atypical vision of beauty, the soul plays a role, the experience of a person can be seen in the different expressions of the face… a spark. When I do the make up, I feel all the vibrations of the person, I automatically connect myself to them, men or women.
    This may seem strange but I don’t control it. This is also for this reason that I often want to be alone with my model or my client. It enables me to focus, to appreciate the internal and/or external deciphering, to understand how the person see themselves, imagine themselves. The appearance is an envelop which partly or fully hides or reveals something…But any person who smiles transmits a positive energy and is naturally beautiful… The make up make them even more beautiful.

    LIVECOIFFURE: According to you, do the Youtube channels have an influence?

    Yes, like any kind of advertisement in any field! In the case of make up, all the brands are advertised and have seen a substantial increase in turn-over thanks to the “you tube” phenomenon. The boom of the Internet is a huge hit with a daily use of social networks. As for the Youtube personalties, they are not ordinary people anymore with their million of subscribers. That really says it all in terms of influence..
    However there are positive and negative points regarding the make up techniques. Some channel personalities with nice tips act like make up artists and to be honest there are some of them who don’t give professional or good advice…
    How can you see it? An example among others: the contouring tendency, in that case the influence is catastrophic in terms of day makeup. (Laughter) … It is recommended to visit the Professional Youtube channels (Make Up For Ever, l’Oréal, Mac,…) or the Instagram accounts of beauty expert(s) as a source of inspiration.

  • LIVECOIFFURE: What is the make up tendency for the end of year celebrations?

    Warm, golden, pearly, irised, silver or glitter tones. However try to not look like a Christmas tree! The total look is not recommended.
    If you prefer smoky eyes, apply a red glossy lipstick on your lips to make them shine. Otherwise, if you prefer light eyes, choose a creamy peach eye shadow for example and dare to have red lips to highlight bold lips with bright and festive colors.

    The end of year celebrations don’t mean clown-like make up! The make up must be transparent and luminous, the eyebrows tenderly redrawn, the doe eyes must be done with an eye liner, the contour of the eyes is highlighted and can be accompanied by false eyelashes for the most skillful ones if the mascara is not enough intense…
    The effect is perfect if it goes with pearly colors and glitters! Finish with a touch of blush then with the make up of your sweet or scandalous lips…


    LIVECOIFFURE: What beauty advice could your give to our readers?

    What are the indispensable tips to look good every day? Use a day cream and a lip balm for healthy and hydrated skin by massaging the face every day, this is the basis. Never forget to put sunscreens on and to remove your make up every day! A nice line of eyebrows is the key for beautiful eyes. Drink at least 1 to 2L of water a day, eat healthy and relax (meditation, relaxation, yoga…).
    The quality of the sleep, the stress management, the lack of exercises have an impact on your face, your hair and your nails. I tell you all of that because I also struggle with these tips too.  How ironic it is! For the makeup touch, just one word…be subtle!


  • Valérie Dumond Make up Artist
  • Valérie Dumond Make up Artist
  • Valérie Dumond Make up Artist
  • Valérie Dumond Make up Artist


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