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  • Winter is approaching and unfortunately, our summer waves disappear and are replaced by flat or shapeless hair. How to keep or reproduce our sexy waves all year long? Here are some tips and tricks to reproduce this “beach waves” effect in your hair even in winter.

    Nelly Premilla

  • The sea salt sprays

    To reproduce the “beach effect” curls, nothing better than salted water. It is not so easy to go swimming in the sea in mid-October, there are products which reproduce this effect. Rich in sea salt, these beach sprays reproduce light waves for a wavy effect. You just need a couple of sprays on dry or wet hair to obtain natural waves. The effect will be accentuated when the spray is used on wet hair depending of your hair. Many brands propose this kind of product like Bumble and Bumble, Davines , Redken…


    The hair straightener to curl

    If you prefer to obtain a more even result or if your hair doesn't curl naturally, don’t worry, it is possible to reproduce beautiful waves with a hair straightener. It is not recommended to use a hair curler which will make very well defined curls. It is therefore better to use a hair straightener. It will enable you to obtain beautiful and natural waves. It is easy to use it. You just need to put the strand between the irons and to roll it around the hair straightener while moving it from the roots to the ends. Repeat the operation with big strands on the top of the head only and break the the curls by dampen them with your fingers.


    The traditional method

    Finally, if you have a bit of time, try grand-mothers techniques which proved its worth in the past! Use small strips of clothe and roll big strands of hair, not too tight, around the strips of cloth to make small buns on the head. Allow the hair to dry naturally and remove the strips. You obtain wild and messy curls for a “beach” effect.

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  • Bumble and Bumble - Davines - REDKEN


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