• Wavy runs your salon in only one click

  • The hair event MCB By Beauté Sélection tends to be the subject of beautiful discoveries. During this edition, the Livecoiffure’s team focused on the stand of a very enthusiastic team which came to present its new application called Wavy designed for beauty professionals. Focus on Clément Moréno, co-fonder of the application.

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  • WAVY app, a well though and complete offer

    His name is far from being unknown in the hairdressing world since Clément Moréno has been evolving since very young and thus he is familiar with the subject. That's why, after several years dedicated to the digital sector, he decided to turn to the beauty world by proposing a complete and effective offer aiming at facilitating the tasks and stimulating the activity.
    Thus, you can opt for the EXPERIENCE CLIENT (customer experience) offer or for the GESTION (management) offer.
    Therefore you can choose between several possible functions depending of your choice: cash and stock management, analysis of statistics and sending documents to your accountant or relaunch and marketing, referencing and online reservation for your clients…

    In short, everything in just one offer or a multi-layered offer. A “Tailor-made” offer according to the needs.


  • Clément Moréno answer our questions,


    Livecoiffure:  Clément Moréno, could you tell us more about you? 

    Clément Moréno: I have been lucky to live in a hairdressing salon since I was a child. My father, hairdresser, founded and ran the group Novaly (150 salons) and I was able to work with him for 3 years to develop the networks. During that time, I helped the hairdressers to be entrepreneurs and develop their business. 

    I also discovered the other side in particular as regards to management and marketing. I realized that there were real business opportunities in our sector. Since I was a child, I have always been passionate about new technologies. 

    Both worlds pushed me to create Wavy :-)


    Livecoiffure :  Your application Wavy is one step ahead of the competition, how do you stand out from it? 

    Clément Moréno : Our concept consists in providing simple tools in the form of applications with a real marketing approach and helping to relaunch clients. 

    In addition to the tools that we create, we also imagine how the hairdressing and beauty salons can communicate with their faithful clients. 

    Our aim is simple: increasing the number of visits by highlighting the teams and the "personality" of the salon.  This is the reason why we also create personalized websites and other tools for our clients like the online reservation... 


    Livecoiffure :  Could you tell us about your start-up and the young entrepreneurs of your team  

    Clément Moréno: There are 4 of us in the founding team. Abel, Guillaume and Victor are part of the team, respectively specialists in IT development, marketing and design. 

    We share a big house in the south of France where we live and work all together! This is perfect to do our best and be in a good mood.


    Livecoiffure :  How was it at the MCB By Beauté Sélection?

    Clément Moréno : Our launching was well received by the profession and I would like to thank all the persons who came to talk to us. 

    Also, I would like to say thank you to my amazing team  without which this adventure wouldn't have been possible. 

    We are more motivated than ever to help the beauty professionals with new technologies... And we will meet them anywhere in France! 

  • MANAGEMENT : 29€/ month
    Cash – Sending – Statistics – Stocks

    EXPERIENCE CLIENT : 49€/month
    Relaunch & Marketing
    Online reservation

    Contact mail : hello@wavy.fr
    Contact them : 0 805 08 9000



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