• We fall for Colorful Hair by L’Oréal Professionnel

  • Summer, the beach, the sun and the icy mojitos. These few words almost makes us forget that we are actually not on holiday. And what is better than Summer to dare to have a more colorful hair color? We can choose from different hair colors.

    Cheyenne Raydelet

  • #ColorfulHair by l'Oréal Professionel

  • This new range of products has become your best beauty ally.

    7 tones are available and there are 28 versions of them.

    Perfect for a cocktail, a girls’ night out or simply to relax on the beach. You can now “change hairstyle as often as you change your shirt” with #Colorfulhair.

    This palette offers infinite amazing results.

    Jesus turned water into wine. You will be able to to turn a klein blue color into a swimming pool one in no time thanks to the clear sold with the palette.

    We recommend to adopt the following available tones: Sunset coral, Iced mint, Hypnotic Magenta, Navy blue, Pink sorbet, Carribean blue and Electric violet. Discreet for the shyest ones or more extravagant for the bravest ones, the result is just stunning.

    We all know that the hair color gives us a style and when fashion passes, we may regret these hair changes.

    Fortunately, l'Oréal Professionnel found THE solution: An ephemeral hair color. With Playfull, the pigments remains on the surface so the hair color starts to go away after 3 shampoos and up to 15 depending of the tone.

  • Temporary hair color service #Colorfulhair is available exclusively in hair salons.


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