• We say “yes” to Jean-Claude Biguine

  • The first one will be the one with whom you chose to spend the rest of your life, the official man with who you are deeply in love. The second one is Jean-Claude Biguine, the one who makes you feel beautiful every day.

    Alice Alessandro

  • Barettes: You would wear some when you were a little girl to go to school to avoid having your hair falling on your face. For the big day, you will also need to see right through your future. Pink and pastel colors, they will be the little touch which will make all the difference. Elegant and colorful, like the atmosphere of a wedding.

    Headband: This accessory is perfect when you have long hair and when you want to highlight your hairstyle. It can be golden or with clovers to optimise the chances of having a dream wedding.

    Combs: Jean-Claude Biguine understood it, a woman pays attention to details. Once again, he spoils us with his beautiful golden combs.


    Do you like the sea? It is possible to choose a comb adorned with starfishes If you like nature, there are also some adorned with leaves.

  • Hairgrips: Perfect for the trendiest hairstyles, the hairgrips will be the indispensable accessory for a happy wedding. With discreet colors, they will be noticed but not too much.

    Hairbands: We all are fan of Gossip Girl, admit it! Let's adopt a beautiful hairband worthy of Blair Waldorf? Being queen B the day of your wedding is one of your dreams which comes true. (No, Chuck is not supplied with it). Golden, you will not get unnoticed.  With butterflies, they will show to people what you have in your stomach when you are close to your lover.


    So even if your lover sulks because he is not the only one who makes you beautiful and happy for the big day, prove him that he is the only one in your heart.


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