• Weakened hair : Haircut or haircare ?
  • Weakened hair : Haircut or haircare ?

  • What to do when you have weakened, brittle, porous and dull hair ? The livecoiffure team gives you some pieces of advice : Haircare or haircut.

    Christine Margossian

  • The solution for very damaged hair depends of the level of damage of the fiber. If the ends suffer from trichoptilosis (Scientific name of the split end), they must be cut. Indeed, once this crack appears, it never can be sealed.

    If the lengths are very dry with a coiled aspect, an intense reconstitution program is recommended at the hairdresser’s to start a protocol of deep treatment but also at home as a beauty follow-up with an intense treatment lasting at least three renewable months. In that case, the haircut of the ends will also be welcomed.

    The hair can be damaged because of three factors : Pollution, chemical treatment, excessive use of hair straightener, hair curler, hairdryer too close to the hair fiber during a blow-dry, frictions on the fabrics. The list is long but representative of the daily hair use. For that, the cosmetologists adapted themselves to the lifestyles and to the consumption habits, the hair care solutions are particularly effective…

    Our advice

    In order to determine the level of damage of your hair, go to your hairdresser for advice so he/she will make a diagnostic of the state of your hair fiber. He/she will then check the elasticity of your hair and will recommend the best haircut or a reconstructive treatment.

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