• Why to be visible on the Internet ?
  • Why to be visible on the Internet ?

  • Why to be visible on the Internet ?
  • Our consumption patterns are evolving.

    Here some current key figures in France [1] :

    • 43,2 million Internet users, more than 80% of them use social networks
    • 27 million  cellsurfers with a smartphone
    • 8 users 10 seek information on the Internet before consuming [2]


    Like you, your future clients generally make a research on the Internet on the different stores near from their work of their home.

    To be able to be visible in case of researches on hairdressing salons and beauty centers, you must be present on the Internet thanks to a website or other tricks (social networks, yellow pages, etc…). Your potential absence is by the way very good for your competitors : they have more place and they have a head start on you to win new clients.

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    [2] Source Google

    Ready to go for it or to optimize your first actions already in place ?

    There are several ways to appear in the first results on the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), free or not free.

  • The social networks like Facebook, Twitter, …

    You can create your own page without paying and show the current events of your salon (new collection, offers, sales) or even seasonal messages (Christmas, Spring) ; all of that aim to make you known while aiming the your clients to make them come in your salons and make them loyal.

  • Why to be visible on the Internet ?
  • Google + and Google Maps

    You can create for free a Google + page entering the contact details of your establishment with a description promoting your salon. This enables you to be easily referenced on Google and to be one of the first appearing when somebody do a research.

    In the same spirit, being referenced on Google Maps makes you appear as a commerce with a tracked research, this means that when somebody enters on Google “”hairdressing salon lyon “, you appear in the first results.


    Yellow Pages

    To obtain a referencing page easily and quickly, Yellow Pages are convenient and give a first appearance – with the pledge of seriousness of the brand, reassuring your clients.

    However, the prices are rather expensive compared to the obtained result, the pages look alike and the tracked research (ex : “ hairdresser Mâcon “) will not make you appear always in the first results for lack of a good referencing with Google.

    The website

    Putting a website up will give you many advantages, mainly, the visibility and the highlighting of your professionalism : your website is your personalized shopwindow !

    You can show :

    • All your practical information (timetable, contact details, prices, services, etc.),
    • Photos or videos of your services,
    • current events (promotions, new products, etc.),
    • the possibility of making an appointment online, if you have a management software : the clients can choose their time slot according to the availabilities


    You will have to invest quite a lot at the beginning but you can be sure of its profitability in a few months !

    Finally, your website will be more visible if it meets the constraints of the natural referencing (the natural referencing is the free part in the process of the appearance of the links in the search engines), that is to say for example the use of targeted key words.



  • Why to be visible on the Internet ?
  • You already got it, your visibility on the Internet will enable your clients to :

    • Know you
    • Obtain your contact details easily
    • Know about your services and your prices quickly
    • Have a professional image of your salon if you have an attractive website
    • Choose your services and not your competitor’s who don’t have a website

    + clients,
    + activity,
    + turnover,
    and then + business for you
  • The + of Fiducial :

    Mon Entreprise sur le Web is a service FIDUCIAL which creates websites specially designed to highlight your activity in just a few clicks with complementary services like the possibility of managing the updates of your contents.




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