• William Le Pec: Meeting with the hairdresser who already created 150 collections.

  • After ten years in artistic direction working with great names of the hairdressing world creating 10 collections a year, William Le Pec chose to be freelance 3 years ago. Now artistic director, the year 2016 means novelty for him. Three salons were created and today William Le Pec is back on the stage with Label Coiffure. A new challenge for the one who has no limit.

    Sophie Nathan

  • William Le Pec
  • You come back in the spotlight with Label Coiffure by William Le Pec. How did this project start?

    I became independent 3 years ago, my objective was to broaden my artistic experience, transmit my know-how to those who do not have always the means and the know-how and who don’t want to franchise their brand.
    Today, the independent salons represent more than 60% of the French market. In parallel, I supported Will Education, an important business and marketing support. Then, after I met Michel Gomez and Jérôme Guiraud, I wanted to integrate Label Coiffure which was created by them about one year ago.

    Photo ©Christophe LABARRE

  • What is Label Coiffure by William Le Pec?

    This is a national grouping of independent hairdressers. In other terms, this is an alternative to the franchise for the independent hairdressing salons who want to remain independent. Today, the salons want to be united, to be helped, without losing their freedom. We want to defend the values of these independent salons and regain control of the market. We provide them personalized means like management, business development, training and technical perfection.


    Are you not afraid of the competition with other labels and franchises?

    No, quite the opposite. The competition is more than necessary. Label Coiffure brings a lot of positive things because I am in charge of the artistic part. Working for big brands, I learned a lot about structure and conceptualization of the image thanks to commercial tools.


    Could you tell us more about this first collection for Label Coiffure. What were your inspirations?

    I was inspired by icons of the eighties. I think about Kim Wilde, Blondie and Nena Alles Gute in order to reinterpret the Glam’rock style. These dynamic haircuts had become old-fashioned but they are back. I am convinced that short haircuts, lenght on the side will be back, so will the “lion” style but more modern, elegant and feminine. The traditional side is broken. I want to destructure, break the codes and unite the opposites.


    You will be back on stage in March 2017 in Marseille at the Palais des Congrès. Did you miss it?

    I performed for years. This is a passion where music, light, style choreography and makeup are united. All of that during a 30 minutes show, very complete and coherent. So yes, I missed it. This is a performance, I make an XXL bun in no time for example.


    What can we wish you for 2017?

    I wish there were more people joining Label Coiffure by William Le Pec and that hairdressing was more artistic, coherent, with beautiful feminine things. People need to be more open minded and stop being stuck in this very French culture where only long hair means femininity!


    Collection Label Couture PE 2017 - GlamRock
    Direction artistique :
    William Le Pec
    Maquillage : Laura Djulizibaric
    Stylisme : Bruno Guiot
    Photographie : Pascal Latil
    Produits : Schwarzkopf Professional

  • Salon William Le Pec - 150 rue Montmartre - 75002 Paris 02
    Site internet WILLIAM LE PEC


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