• Winterlight, the new luminous collection by Marie Rose

  • After three years running her own hairdressing salon, Maria Rosa Salemi, hairdresser, stylist and colorist keeps getting better. She reveals her last Autu-Winter 2016/2017 collection: WinterLight.

    Johann Krey

  • Livecoiffure: You created your second annual collection, how do you feel about creating ?
    Maria Rosa:
    I take pleasure, I express myself during shootings because nothings is prepared in advance apart from the model’s hair color. I have fun and am in my element!

    Livecoiffure: You produced this press kit with Daniel Pister , was the work different from last time ?
    Maria Rosa:
    I don't have the impression to "work" with Daniel because he knows how to make the team feel comfortable. He guides us with humor. Therefore, we work without realizing it. It is a pleasure to be in a studio with Nadia Bouchiki.


    Livecoiffure: Your Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 collection WINTERlight, why have you played with the light of the hair and how ?

    Maria Rosa: My model had a nice natural blond hair color, but quite dull which lacked light. A discreet glossy balayage succeeded in illuminating her hair. The photographer was in charge of the rest during the shootings by capturing the zones of light and by highlighting the hairstyle.

  • Livecoiffure: What is your secret to well manage your team in the salon ?

    Maria Rosa:
    There is no secret, just respect and trust. I don’t need to show any kind of authority or power to be respected because my current team is adult and responsible. I am quite flexible. I leave the girls managing their specialties. Therefore, our team is complete and keeps evolving... So far everything is going well...May it continue to do so!


    Livecoiffure: Do you admire some hairdressing mentors in particular ?

    Maria Rosa: I follow many renown hairdressers on the social networks. I admire “visionary” hairdressers who create and ensure that they will forever be remembered in the history of fashion. If I had to say one name Vidal Sassoon would immediately come to my mind because his personality was unusual... His career and his ideas impress me especially for the time in which he lived.

  • Maria Rosa Coiffure
    24 rue Nationale
    57350 SPICHEREN
    Facebook : Maria Rosa Salon de coiffure


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