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  • Yann Turchi looks back on his victory at the Victoires de la Coiffure!

  • The Victoires de la Coiffure, opened all the hairdressers, is the opportunity to distinguish yourself as a candidate. The winner of each category receives a unique trophy. This year, Yann Turchi, young creative hairdresser, won in the men category. Zoom on this lover of creativity!

    Sara Svati

  • Livecoiffure : Among the 8 existing categories at the Victoires de la Coiffure, you were the winner of the men category, how do you feel about it?


    Yann Turchi : I am really happy! I was my first participation and I won! I am proud of this victory and especially at the age of 23. I chose to have a go with the men category because I have undergone a training in this field. I was a finalist at the Hair Dressings Awards in the men category so I increased my chances and naturally chose this category. Furthermore, in terms of preparation, it wouldn't take me long which was perfect for me with my very busy schedule.

  • victoires de la coiffure
  • Livecoiffure : Could you tell us about your inspirations for these hairstyles?


    Yann Turchi : For my collection Hood Boyz, I was inspired by my London experience where I created an urban and rock style! For my short men haircuts, I chose something more graphic with circular movements. I had fun to create them! I reproduced what I saw on some people in the street but also on my London friends.

    Regarding the long dark hair, I wanted to have fun by creating these more original 4 buns and not to reproduce something everybody already saw before. I took inspiration from the horse manes during the horse-races. We could also think about a revisited punk crest which is also very Rock N' Roll and goes very well with the rest of the collection.

    Grey was the trend of the moment. I wanted to play with it and it went very well with the theme of the collection: black look and grey background. I love launching the trends! You must have the spirit of a creator. The clients get bored at some point so don’t be afraid to surprise them once in a while! [laughter]

  • Livecoiffure : What is your speciality?


    Yann Turchi : The polyvalent haircuts! That is to say, a men haircut that you can style differently. Everybody has two facets, one is more conventional (at work for example) and the other one is more fun for the weekend! Women have more possibilities to style their hair. The hardest thing nowadays in a hairdressing salon, is retaining customers especially men.

    That’s why, I propose this polyvalent haircut which can be classic or eccentric but always styled. The key is to find THE trick to seduce men so they become loyal with time and come back to Ferber Hair& Style.

    Just have fun and get off the beaten tracks. I don't want to do just classic haircuts with a side parting or footballers haircuts… I want to create something different and eccentric which can seduce clients very easily!


  • victoires de la coiffure
  • Livecoiffure : How did you obtain this result ?


    Yann Turchi : Long hair is slightly cut with scissors. Regarding short hair, I used a razor. I work a lot with solid geometry. The haircuts requiring a razor are very Anglo-Saxon. What I like with hairstyles and haircuts is that when you are doing something, you know why you are doing it! For me, hairdressing is like architecture.

    If I want a volume, I know how to do it and to place it correctly. The haircut is always precise like solid geometry. Regarding the hair color, grey is a mix of two colors. One of them is Igora absolut silver white by Schwarzkopf Professionnal.

    Regarding my models, I work a lot with my personal network. Also, I built up a network of models that agencies send me for shootings.


  • Livecoiffure : What are your future projects ?

    Yann Turchi : I am preparing 3 future collections for the HDA (men, women and s et avant-garde). I have many training courses waiting for me with Ferber hair & style, demos, photo shootings for Luxembourg magazines… I like doing different things. I even participated to a tattoo salon! In the near future, I will make the cover of the album PopWar for my friend singer Sébastien Hype. We are going, Cédric Hauser(the producer) and myself, to create a style of hairstyles similar to Lady Gaga’s.

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     Lighting technician: Christophe Mendes (Luxembourg Photography) 

    Makeup Artist : Rayal Makeup

    Model : Raphael Escriba, Thomas Bertacco, Nicolas Wasser 

    Hair and styling : Turchi Yann Ferber Hair&Style 



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