• You are curvy, so what ?
  • You are curvy, so what ?

  • You are curvy, so what ?
  • January launched the season of the fashion week with a bunch of models of 1.80 m size 34/36.
    But the thing is that you are curvy and your face too and you want to know how to highlight your look with haircut adapted to the shape of your face and your silhouette. To highlight your beauty, discover our advice.


    Christine Margossian

  • There are several geometrical shapes : oval, rectangular, round, triangular, square, diamond. The round faces arouse sympathy, generosity, a certain kind of gentleness and attraction thanks to their baby doll side.

    When you adopt a haircut in harmony with this shape, it is easy to highlight your face and its features. A few tricks can make it longer and give the impression of a thinner silhouette. For example, if you have long hair, with a high bun, you create the illusion of longer face with strands framing the cheeks and the forehead ! The fringe can also be welcomed, as long as it is light.

    If you have shorter hair the angled strands on the front of the face will also reduce the round effect of your cheeks, for example the angled bob shapes. If you prefer layered haircuts, remember to keep length on the neck, a bit of volume at the top of the head. It will be like a push-up effect ! The voluminous hairstyles create the illusion of smaller face and this trick works with any haircut ! This is the reason why short hair is perfect for the round faces. Furthermore, the slick hair with this idea to erase completely the material is also very prominent like Ginnifer Goodwin  !

    In short, the round face is not structured by angled features and often, the cheekbones are rounded. To harmonize it, you must make it longer adopting a haircut which will bring a certain verticality.

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