• Your facial hair holds no secrets for him ! Interview of Ali Had
  • Your facial hair holds no secrets for him ! Interview of Ali Had

  • Ali Had, hairdresser in Metz, one day, decided to complete his profession by being a barber. Interested by this universe, he decided to dedicate an area for men in his hairdressing salon. Meeting with this professional who masters the razor at his finger tips.

    Sara Svati

  • Livecoiffure : Do you talk about the barber area in your hairdressing salon So man, so woman, so beautiful?

    Ali Had:  Men generally come for traditional shaving or a beard cut. When we receive them, we ask them what they want and once we arrive to an agreement, we determine what we can do according to the client’s posture, look and stature. An area of the salon is dedicated to men with two barber armchairs and two shampoo basins.


    Livecoiffure : Do you think that this return to traditional services is gonna last?

    Ali Had:  This is not a proper return to traditional services, I think that barbers have always been present but before, men would rather prefer shaving at home. In the nineties, fashion was the complete shave and some of the men would take time to go and see a professional. Little by little, men would prefer to let their beard grow completely. They like going at the barber’s to have advice and to be pampered. This is a privileged moment when they can relax.


    Livecoiffure : According to you, all the hairdressers can pretend to be barbers ?

    Ali Had: No! You need to have trainings, to know which material to have, to know how to use it, to learn the right gestures, the positioning, etc…  You always have to be precise, to determine the beard adapted according to the stature and the style of the client, the shape of the face, typology, morphology etc. We cut the beard with precision following an established order and respecting the personality and the style of the person.

    You also need to learn how to shave corners, a glottis, there are several levels to reach, step by step.

  • Your facial hair holds no secrets for him ! Interview of Ali Had
  • Your facial hair holds no secrets for him ! Interview of Ali Had
  • Livecoiffure : What advice, as a professional, can you give to men to take care of their beard?


    Ali Had:  If I had to give advice, I would recommend to use a boar bristle brush to detangle the thickest beards but also essential oils to apply on the skin to soften it. I recommend the after shave products of the brand american crew and osma.

    As barber master, I train people and I work for the organism Cycléa offering 3 trainings :  Traditional barber (protocol, shaving a beard, safety standards... ), new generation barber (morphing, deciphering the client’s face...) barber and cut : adapting a beard to a hairstyle.


    Livecoiffure : How long does a service last and what are your prices? Could you tell us how many men, approximately, come in your salon?

    Ali Had: For a traditional shave, about twenty minutes, maximum 30 minutes for 30 €. The price includes the whole service plus the applied products. That is to say, the essential oil which is gonna soften the skin, the foam, the hot towel, the after-shave to close the pores of the skin, the cold towel, the rinse. To cut a goatee, it requires more precision and time so it will be about 40 minutes for  40 € .

    Every day, we have appointments for the beard, we have many clients, they generally have to wait one month. I am really happy that this works so much !

  • Institut de Beauté Ali H
    20 place de l'Hôtel de ville
    57140 METZWOIPPY



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