• Interview Denis Holbecq
  • Interview Denis Holbecq

     : Son of a dressmaker , a few years ago you were hesitating between to work as a dressmaker and  a hairdresser… What finally made you choose to be a hairdresser? Denis Holbecq : « It appeared clear to me I was becoming a hairdresser for the creativity and to be in direct contact with the clients. Concerning the dressmaking, even if my mother loved her work, she, all the same, underlined some negative points regarding the possibilities of success for a man in this field.”   LC :  The public knows you as hairdresser ambassador for l’Oréal Professionnel and for TOGIYA, what does it means for you the importance of the word Ambassador? DH : «The title of ambassador is obviously a reward and a recognition of the work . Like a little rat of the opera who become a star dancer!! With this title, I feel that I’m charged with a mission, a role, ensure that I always create, innovate, transmit, share, and maintain intact this image of Ambassador which was entrusted to me. Not to disappoint those who recognized me and those who will discover me and follow me. »   LC : You are a hairdresser carrying out several activities, like  Christine Margossian, our artistic consultant, how do you handle your status of Ambassador, your hairdressing salons, your training courses, your creations, shows….? DH : « The first thing to know is to train to delegate and thus providing confidence with one’s partners, helping them to evaluate by entrusted them with management of the salons. These different activities permit to avoid routine and treat different issues at a time. The creations enable me to move with my status of Ambassador, thus I can develop my notoriety which can leads to encounters and demands for the training courses and the shows for which I ‘m back in the creation of new collections… It is an endless loop..!! Everything is linked, this needs a little organization but everything remains a real pleasure!! » LC : What do you feel when you’re before an important audience, during a show for example…? DH : “I like to have stage fright before going on stage!! I need it, it’s like a motor…If I wasn’t nervous anymore this would mean I have to stop. Once, I’m on stage, it’s just bliss, like the pleasure of a dancer to make discover his talent to his audience and to tell a story.”   LC : Your job leads you very often to travel; what is your best professionnal travel souvenir and why? DH :  « One of my most beautiful souvenirs, there’s so many, was during my trip in India, the pleasure and the excitement to discover this wonderful country and especially to meet professionals who have a culture so different from ours..   LC : Most hairdressers ambassadors have their own academy, wouldn’t you like to have one too? DH : « There is the temptation but I like to be free and without constraints. I prefer moving to share my knowledge and meet professionals in their work environment. »     LC : You realize beautiful artistic collections; in the run-up to a new season, how do you apprehend the future themes announced by the trends, are you stressed, what is your involvement in the creation of a new collection? DH : « La The first feeling is excitement, keen to discover the new tendencies!! And to meet each other during the Ambassadors meeting during which we are, for 2 days, completely immersed in the deciphering of the new collection that L’oréal transmits us in the study of the trendy books… The ideas begin to flow already during those 2 days, images come to our mind.. we just want to come back and to look into our documents and to contact very quickly our team of photograph, make-up artist, fashion designer in order to choose together the model who will fit most to the history of that collection I want to present through visual aid...   LC : We already broadcasted your make-over videos, you love challenges  of speed during the realization ? DH : «   I’m said to be quick at realizing my creation very often, This can be explained by the fact that before starting the realization of the hairstyle, everything is set up in my mind as well as the technical aspects of the video. Thus, movements are fluid and I reach my objective without difficulties nor hesitation. It is very important to show a serious work because these videos are designed for professionals who want to recreate our work, that’s why everything should sound easy to them!! So that they can be inspired by it!!” LC : We are proud to have you among our TOP HAIRDRESSERS! What did you think while discovering your training courses videos ? DH :  “I’m also very proud of it !!! The training courses videos that you published are clear, play and the techniques proposed can be reproduced with easiness by professionals who want to use them in their own salons… I even identified myself in that work!! Christine and me, we have things in common from a professional point of view ;) »     LC : Like Christine Margossian you start to write articles created for our Web magazine , what message do you want to deliver through your texts and your photos… ? DH : “Many persons were very important in my career, without them, I wouldn’t know all I know and thanks to them, I followed this career, they were masters, inspiration and allowed me to do always my best. It is essential to transmit, to share. Many craftsmen in France work alone, sometimes because they are shy, they don’t trust themselves or even selfish (laugh). The young professionals need, in order to evaluate, to observe the work of others. This is how I’ve grown-up in my work, I am a link in the chain I feel I’m charges with a mission!!! It’s a shame sometimes to let dye some know-how! It’s a kind of heritage we have to transmit in our lifetime …. And this is true in all areas!!! I would be selfish not to transmit what others learned me!!! »   LC : What does represent LiveCoiffure for you, how did you react when we proposed you to be one of our TOP HAIRDRESSERS? DH : ”Before everything, it was a great honor for me.... deeply moved to see that my work and my notoriety were finally recognized. Humility is also be able to self doubt in order to advance!µ Live Coiffure corresponds really to my philosophy of life..an eternal desire to share, this is a wonderful way to create closerness between professionals, permit to anybody to express oneself, transmit and for others to be inspired and advance... »   Thanks Denis, and see you soon with new articles and new videos on LiveCoiffure !  


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