• Jérôme Guezou presentation
  • Jérôme Guezou presentation

  • Today we are pleased to welcome Jerome Guezou as TOP HAIR LiveCoiffure.
      « From my native Normandy, I took a classic training program after having being a great trainee, employee, manager and director in a provincial salon. In Paris, at the age of 21, I joined a musical theater company supervised by Michel Rostaind to be the hairdresser of a rock opera for a one year French tour. Then, I joined the group Lucie Saint Clair in the hairdressing Triangle d’Or before joining an independent hairdresser “ Jo” to assume the position of artistic director. At the same time, I become the hairdresser of the Jean couture fashion shows. I worked for Jean Claude Lagreze for the « Incroyables » and hairdresser of the night stars like Armande Altaï and Yanna Katsousos. In partnership with the photograph Antoine Giacoloni for the scenes « Rock Underground » of the years 80 – 90. I opened my first salon in 1999 then my second one in 2006. A t the same time, I became a TV hairdresser for different production like Endémol. I am also a hairdresser for theaters (John Malkovich inter alia) and for young creators. Hairdresser for the « Fashion Week » or for Cacharel, Versace, Cerutti and I collaborate with big figures of the studio hairdressing like Odile Gilbert and Bruno Weppe . In 2001, I joined the company of ID Artist l’Oréal Professionnel hairdressers. In 2009, I opened the Concept Store « Angel Studio » in partnership with Sébastien Bafcop who is also a ID Artist l’Oréal Professionnel hairdresser Summer 2012, I was appointed « l’Oréal Professionnel hairdresser ambassador».   Jérôme Guezou  Coiffeur Ambassadeur  l’Oréal  Professionnel ID Artist   Hairdressing salon - ANGEL STUDIO   Collection Chic'issime - Angel Studio HairdresserJérôme Guezou & Sébastien Bafcop Photo  Eric Ouaknine    


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