• Jacques Thill Portrait
  • Jacques Thill Portrait

  • My professional passions:
      You do what you are and you end to be what you do: portrait of a man who cultivates love of high standards of performance, subtlety and refinement… I was trained as studio hairdresser and thus I took part and was the hairdresser for many fashion shows. In partnership with l’Oréal and the professional press, I am led to produce myself throughout Europe, Asia, (Japan, south Korea, Taiwan), Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil), Australia. For more than 10 years, I was a member of the creation team of the « Haute Coiffure Française ». Faithful to what I like, I express my vision of beauty; it is a fluid vision of the shapes which combines simplicity and elegance.  I realize two collections a year, in which is the tendency gained acceptance it’s only a proposition which never forget to highlight my decency. For me, the only objective is to obtain as much as possible an harmony almost perfect. » I’m ambassador of the brand L’ORÉAL, this great company always gave me means to express myself, that’s why I will always be faithful to her. I’m also the President and the artistic accomplice of another great company, CAC, this cooperative is supervised and animated with real ethics and a cooperative spirit. I’m happy to participate actively to its development and thus to give to hairdressers the tools necessary to their progression.   Themes which are dear to me:   • My artistic universe: « I like the authority of the black. It is a color which refuses any compromises. A violent color but which encourages internalization. At the same time color and non color. When the light reflects in it, it transforms her, transmutes her. It opens its own mental field. » Pierre Soulage « this sentence reflects on its own my artistic universe. » • Balance between technique and creation: « The technique is inseparable from art and the creation in general. The substance and the style are one. » • Woman and inspiration : « A muse is a woman who acts like an inspiration for an artist. Each of my clients is for me a muse, being inspired to adapt oneself and please them, that’s the important thing. » • Artistic movement : « The artist is part of social movements. My job can be defined by its esthetic dimension aiming at pleasing and touching the sensibility with only the substance, only the appearance. The Street predefines the movements to which one should focus on.»   • The trend : « A trend designates a temporary tendency linked to an imitation effect. I prefer the word “tendency” which expresses at the same time a peculiar attitude and a rejection of any affiliation to a determined category. Noone can escape their appearance but be careful “     My daily life : My other passion, focus on my only salon in Metz: no franchise, nor branches but an “craftsman”, a place, and a team that I train myself… The name Jacques Thill is synonymous with quality, know-how and originality. I elaborated my own technique and no one among my partners can practice in my salon without long house training. Every year, I create two collections presented in a book which propose a spirit at the moment without ever forgetting to care attentively about the great diversity of women (and men) who enter in the salon. And if the tendency gained acceptance, it remains a proposal which never sacrifices what lives and feels the one who will wear a hairstyle aiming at raising what she is , an accomplice every day. Only tailor-made so : " For thirty years, I’ve been taking pleasure in giving and this is what permits me to keep going ". A closeness which can be met in this unique salon in which I am every day. “I am happy when I split hair...”     Jacques Thill L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassador hairdresser http://www.jacquesthill.com/    Beauté Originelle Collection - Jacques Thill/ Photo©DR  


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