• A new development for Provalliance
  • A new development for Provalliance

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    After a meeting at the end of September in Paris, Franck Provost and Marc Aublet spoke for LiveCoiffure.
      At the moment, the group Provalliance is the European leader in hairdressing. 2600 salons distributed in thirty countries, 1700 of which are in France. Those branches and franchises achieved turnover of a one billion Euros. To achieve these results, 20 000 active persons and thirty millions persons having a hairstyle in the world. Marc Aublet, managing director, tells us the first objective of the group: becoming the world leader in hairdressing. A market which represents an annual turnover of one hundred and fifteen billion euro. To this end, a few strategies, including the Trojan horse strategy by buying back the existing groups abroad. Another help for the development: an alliance signed in early October with the French investment company Chequers Capital. The sharing out is like as follows: 6O% of capital held by the group Provost and 40% for this new investor. The diversification towards other activities like aesthetics, make-up, nail care, will also help to create a large multidisciplinary. It would be very tempting to say that Franck Provost can’t have any new gray hair...   Liloo Sevan     


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