• Love at first sight at Cosmoprof
  • Love at first sight at Cosmoprof

  • 2013 Cosmoprof edition, famous Italian salon reserved to beauty professionals, makes us discover innovative products : the Fuente brand's truffle shampoo, and Edia brand's products. We tell you everything about this Livecoiffure team's « love at first sight » products.   Fuente The “Truffle” shampoo created by Fuente brand, distinguishes itself thanks to its ingredients of  great qualities. It contains three top-of-the-range ingredients – white truffle, diamond particles and meteorite dust- that make him a one of a kind shampoo. Why those three ingredients ?   A shampoo from an unknown place After four years of research in the whole world, Fuente has finally found his organic elements that our scalp was missing to revive itself. The result is quite strange : white truffle skin, diamond particles and particles of … meteorites ! As weird as it may be, meteorites that are under sea water produce minerals that aren't found on the planet – and they are perfect substance for our scalp. If we add diamonds dust, the hair becomes more bright and luminous than ever, reminding the vividness of precious stones.   The first smart shampoo  Hair contains more than 90 % of proteins and humidity, two elements that are essential to the scalp. Fuente brand developed a “smart” shampoo able to adapt itself to any type of hair and it overcomes anybody's deficiency. The truffle can revive any type of hair. 250 millimetres for 275€, let's hope that Fuente keeps its promises...   Logo EDIA Edia The Edia brand, hair cosmetic specialist, offers simple solutions to unite elegance and natural. To stay beautiful as long as possible, the brand uses important technological progress, but Eida protect the planet using a packaging that respect the environment.   The range of product can satisfy anybody, women or men. Easy to use, they make it easy for you to do your hair rapidly and the results is stunning !   Moreover, each product has been created to serve particular needs. “Still Life Molding Wax, Brilliance Spray Mist, Serene Moisturiser Paste and Liquid Light Serum Hair+Skin”, gels, pastes or creams, everyone can find what he needs !     The moisturising paste that calm you down This moisturising paste for curly or wavy hair, controls the hair and makes them soft and shiny. So, the paste prevents every useless little curl, and it is easy to create rapidly hairstyles. It is easy to use : you only have to apply it from mid-hair to ends on dry hair, start from back to front. For people who have natural curly or wavy hair, dry them in a towel and apply from mid-hair to ends.   The brilliant spray mist  A light spray that gives the hair its smoothness back, and that moisturise dry hair. It is a sophisticated spray that brings shyness and depth, covers hair and protect them using natural heat, it maintains already present oils. It softens the hair. It must be use at a certain distance from the head, it makes dry hair moist and reinforces the colour while adding a shiny effect.   Wax for a fixed moulding A fixed moulding with luminous effects amplifies even more the texture and maintains a certain flexibility to change styles. With that wax, everything is possible. It is easy to use : choose the quantity you desire, heat it in yours hands and apply the wax on your hair to create separations and texture.   A liquid and light serum   This light serum is use on the hair as well as the body. In deed, it controls unruly hair while keeping subtle finishing touch, that shines, without making the hair heavy. When the serum is used with devices such as curling iron or hair strengthener, the result is even more effective. Using the product : on dry hair, you only need to apply one drop at a time, then heat the product between your hands and work your hair in the opposite direction. On moist hair, three drops are needed according to the hair texture and the result desired. The serum can be used mid-hair to ends to create a style. The liquid and light serum can be apply on the body because it moisturises it and gives it a shiny aspect.  
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