• Wedding : how to prepare your skin for the most beautiful make-up
  • Wedding : how to prepare your skin for the most beautiful make-up



    If taking care of one's skin is important on a daily -basis, cares become more essentials as you start to prepare yourself for your wedding day. If you didn't really take care of your skin before, here you'll find some advice on how to get a skin as soft as a baby's.  


    You should start to take care of your skin four weeks before the wedding. You can use different types of cares - cleaning, purifying, scrubbing, moisturising- that are more efficient when they are used together and that, in a beauty salon, will allow you to relax. Most of all, don't hesitate to ask your aesthetician, in stead of acting as an expert, if you have skin imperfections like redness, spots, or other black spots !

    It is also best to watch your food hygiene several months before the wedding. Stop eating sweet or fat food because neither your skin nor your body likes it. Favour fruits, vegetables and fish, and don't forget to drink a bottle of water on a daily-basis, because it helps to moisturise your skin in depth.

    If you follow that program, the odds will be in your favour to look well and to optimize your dress with your make-up !

    Regarding the make-up itself, entrust it to professionals. An aesthetician or a make-up artist.

    To get your make-up right

    Your make-up, the day of your wedding, shall be clear and delicate. It will have four functions : to make you more attractive, corrects imperfections, last through the day and night, as well as making you photogenic. Make-up is an artifice that must reflect your taste, look, character, the way you dress and your wedding theme.

    To do to every step and end successfully, don't forget to do the following : 

    ▪ Let an expert take care of you ▪ Be in harmony with your personality ; if you are sexy in devil, don't ask for a young girl make-up ▪ Hairdresser and make-up artist shall work together to respect your schedule ▪ Make-up and hairstyle try ons will be done the same day ▪ Don't forget to insist on every one punctuality ▪ Finally, your beauty will be revealed, not transformed : you'll be more beautiful than ever !  

    Service provider price are between 100€ and 400€. We advise you to choose fixed options.

    Next on wedding rétro-planning episode : hairdressing !

    Pictures : Collection Marriage L'Oréal Professionnal Pictures gallery : Thierry Deschemin hairdresser and Make-up artist

    Christine Margossian for LiveCoiffure.com

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