• Parisian make-over in the maison de coiffure Christophe-Nicolas Biot
  • Parisian make-over in the maison de coiffure Christophe-Nicolas Biot

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    It is the big day for the twelve clients who signed up for a make-over day offered by the Parisian grande maison de coiffure in the Saint Germain des Prés area “Christophe-Nicolas Biot”. The owner wanted to highlight his team's expert assessments and celebrate spring brilliantly.

      What women want on this shiny Sunday is changing their face, their habits. They trust the salon's team because it has the same characteristics a big house has. We asked them what makes the difference and why did they agree to the experts various proposals.   They said that they like Christophe-Nicolas' reputation, the salon design, the team look, the speech and the way they welcome clients. It is surprising to see that these women trusted them with their hair, as they didn't know them. It is the proof that they have doubt about their own hairdresser. “My hairdresser don't look at me any more, he doesn't pay attention to my desire to change look, so I changed my hair stylist” revealed Constance.   For Emilie, apart from being combed by CN Biot, “It feels really good to have my hair done by professionals able to deal with the face asymmetries, who can reveal my personality, my assets, my moods. I've just came back from a trip to South Korea, I did a relief work to help people who get out of jail and who are physically and mentally handicapped, and today I am the one who is being taking care of, I'm living a dream, an other reality !”   A lively atmosphere at the 52 Saint-André des Arts street. They talked, exchanged ideas, advised. All that in music, because music helps creativity. The team is really happy about the initiative. Thanks to this event they can express themselves through shapes, colours and make-up. The clients of the day are there to change, dare. They give free hand to the experts who make the most of the opportunity to reveal their beauty and show the job's value : hairdressing. CN Biot is over the moon. This special day is also the opportunity to highlight the actors that work with him every day and who take part in this beautiful notoriety.   The team is working with products of the Wella System Professional brand, which Christophe-Nicolas is the ambassador in France and in the world. The colourists play with their palettes and paintbrushes and use a technical process kept secret until September, official month of this future launching. The vegetable coloration, speciality of the maison de coiffure, is also celebrated. Thanks to its qualities this coloration respects natural hair bringing brightness, softness and care to body and hair.   Other inevitable actor in the team is Vichicka, a studio make-up artist who favour natural and sophisticated beauty at the same time. According to him, the best thing to do to have a good look and a radiant complexion, is having a healthy lifestyle. Stop alcohol and cigarettes and start “eating zen”.   The day ended with photo shoots. The beautiful women ran their fingers through their hair, went closer to the mirrors to see themselves as they didn't believe what they were seeing. They were radiant ! And that is the reward for this awesome team.   Liloo Sevan for LiveCoiffure.com  

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