• Enrique Iglesias, the conqueror.
  • Enrique Iglesias, the conqueror.

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    In the series, “the son of”, we don't have to feel sorry for Enrique Iglesias !
    From his father, he got the sex-appeal, sweet voice, a legendary inheritance. 
    Intense eyes, a dreamy body. With about 60 millions albums sold in the whole world, the face of Azzaro's perfumes has definitively everything we look for. Extracts.
    By Laure Delvigo [/one_half] [one_half] [/one_half] [/row] bande noire [row] [one_third] We already knew Julio Iglesias, his sweet songs and his passion for women. To distinguish himself from his famous father, Enrique Iglesias used the name of Enrique Martinez for his first auditions.
    Noticed, the handsome Iberian signed a contract with Fonivisa Records in 1995.
    The success is immediate: about 6 millions “Enrique Iglésias” copies were sold all around the world./br> The reason of his success ? Other than is pedigree that all the jet-set Adonis envy, the singer- songwriter -model know how to forge his career. [/one_third] [one_third] Mixing for 20 years now, latino rhythms, hip-hop and dance, Enrique inflames dance-floors all around the world with his hit songs.
    His massive sales has made him the Latino artist most sold in the world : more than 60 millions albums, of which 12 millions were sold in the USA and 40 millions singles or so. That's it ?! After the album “Euphoria”, that mixes Spanish and English songs, featuring Pitbull, Usher or Lil Wayne, we can't wait to hear his new album in 2014, after his incredible tour with Jennifer Lopez.
    [/one_third] [one_third] More discrete than Julio in his private life, Anna Kournikova's boyfriend captivate the fair sex as well as luxurious brands.
    The transalpine House of Azzaro has made him his sexy ambassador since 2009. Directed at charismatic and mysterious men, Enrique Iglesias represents perfectly Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time. Deep eyes, black suit and a fan hugging him around the neck, the 38-years old Latin lover is like a nuclear missile that takes us in a universe muy caliente... “Baby I like It”! [/one_third] [/row] [nggallery id= 232] Enrique Iglesias_credit_Chapman-656


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