• RITA ORA, Princess Bling-Chic
  • RITA ORA, Princess Bling-Chic

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    Karl Lagerfeld loves her, Jay Z signed her up, Madonna approached her and GQ made her their next cover girl.

    Karl Lagerfeld loves her, Jay Z signed her up, Madonna approached her and GQ made her their next cover girl.
    Girls copy her instantly identifiable look: platinum blonde mane, flashy trainers and Gwen Stefani-style red lips; at the tender age of 22, the stunning Kosovan with her exotic looks has the world at her feet. Close-up on an icon for a new generation. By Laure Delvigo   [/one_half] [one_half] [/one_half] [/row] [row] [one_half] Singers who hit the headlines come and go. But those with talent produce one hit after another and tour rather than perform one night stands. With a look inspired by the streets around her, Rita Ora carries contrast off to perfection, combining camellias, Chanel and the Jordan trainers that she collects! She has no qualms about throwing a biker’s jacket over a ball gown while wearing Louis Vuitton heels. Costume jewellery does as well as opulent bling for her “mix and match” style! Rita Ora has been singing since she was six years old. This was when the magic began for her. «What drew me most to singing was the fact that I could make a noise that made me feel good about myself. I used to sing poems. It was just about doing something that inspired a reaction.(…)» Born in late 1990 in a Kosovo torn apart by war, Rita was less than a year old when her parents decided to leave their homeland, taking her and her older sister Elena (now her manager) to London. «I wasn’t made to feel aware of what we had come from», admits the young singer, «but obviously when you grow up you get to learn something of what your parents went through to get you where you are today. [/one_half] [one_half] I owe them everything.» Barely had she become a teenager when, Rita Ora – her real name – made her first forays into the west London musical scene. Always one step ahead, the remarkable range of her voice and her stage sense immediately got her noticed. Rita has a natural tendency to mix pop and urban rhythms. Her music reflects the young artist’s creativity as well as the multiple London influences. Street sounds, calypso, raga and pop rhythms: hers is a high-octane cocktail to which some three million Twitter and 1.9 million Instagram followers are addicted.   On the beauty front, the red lipstick and her “Marilyn Monroe” platinum blonde hair are her trademark. She cannot imagine herself as a brunette «I tried a wig on in Top Shop recently and just thought, never again»At a recent London concert, her fans were already wearing the “it” lipstick : «  They were all rocking red lipstick on the front row! Yes. Fierce !»  she exclaims, proving that while she sings like a diva, unlike some she doesn’t act like one thank goodness! [/one_half] [/row] [row] [one_half] And although Ora may have signed a contract with a modelling agency, it is through her music that she shines the brightest. Jay Z, a music industry magnate, has signed her for the Roc Nation label and personally presented her to the American public on Z100, the biggest radio channel in the US.«I was so nervous,» she enthuses «but so excited too !». Besides the global success of her debut UK single R.I.P., we love her girly trash style and wish every success for her new release How We Do (Party), an anthem to girls’ nights out. «The lyrics had to be tough because the song is so immediate. [/one_half] [one_half] I wanted that twist. This is about the feeling of waking up in the morning and wanting to take another whiskey shot,» she says, looking embarrassed for all of five seconds. «We’ve all been there. Haven’t we?» For want of Jack Daniel’s, Rob Kardashian’s ex and top model Cara Delevingne’s close friend headed for Austria to make sure she hit the summer in perfect shape. After her UK tour, we are eagerly awaiting her second album which is likely to have a stronger style and just as much energy as the first. [/one_half] [/row]

    Official website : www.ritaora.com/us/home Facebook: www.facebook.com/RitaOra Twitter: www.twitter.com/RitaOra Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/RitaOraVEVO

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